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Camp Alice Pittenger
Payette Lake, Ponderosa State Park, ID
53 acres
Named after Dr. Alice Butterworth Pittenger who, despite her newspaper notice shown below, was a doctor in her own right.
 Never blessed with their own children they adopted one daughter, Marion.

Latitude: 44.93806 : Longitude: -116.06917 : Elevation: 5005 ft


Camp Four Echoes
Lake Coeur d'Alene,22270 S Four Echoes Rd, Worley, ID
Has a history of "immersion-style" camps

216 acres




Google Maps

Friendship House

Girl Scout Center
610 Reserve St., Boise, ID

Camp Hooper Springs

Kachina Day Camp
Various sites: Bonneville Fairgrounds, Sealander Park, Taulphaus Park, Pocatello, ID

below the Caribou Ski Area, Justice Park, ID

Camp Nodding Pines
on the north fork of the east fork of Mink Creek, ID

Units of Nodding Pines: Frontier, Romany and Wonderland

Camp Mile High

Camp Pocatello

Pine Creek Ranch
near Shoup, ID
Land donated by Mr. & Mrs. E.P. Reese of Salmon, ID
165 acres

"Little Roundup"

Rigby Day Camp
Rigby City Park, Rigby, ID
They seem to have a "thing" about hats!

means: Guardian Spirit
Long Gulch near Swan Valley
Caribou Forest
40 acres
Formally Dedicated Sept 29, 1957
Units: Happy Hollow, Three Pines, Frontier

A note from Christi: Ta-Man-A-Wis (TAM) was closed a few years ago.  I'm not sure of the exact year, sometime between 2006-2009.  The council still has the lease.  A few months ago Silver Sage granted permission to a taskforce to begin the process of re-opening TAM. We hope to have it re-opened for troop use by the end of the summer.   However, using it for residents camp is several years away.
Thank you again for your webpage.  Please keep up the great work!
Christi Cooper
Idaho Falls, Idaho 

It takes a community to create a camp.
 The camp project was headed by the Idaho Falls Women's Club.

The original Ta-Man-A-Wis thunderbird design
 and camper wearing a t-shirt with the design, 1958.

Hamilton's Ghost Tree, the carving is from 1901

1961 map of camp

Ta-man-a-wis poem by Mrs. R. K. Rose, 1975




Camp Tendoy
Caribou National Forest, at the foot of Scout Mountain, 17 miles from Pocatello, ID
The area was leased from the US Forestry Service to the Boy Scouts from 1920 until 1946, then it was transferred to the Camp Fire Girls.
In 1953 the Girl Scouts gave up their permit to the nearby Nodding Pines campsite and began to share Camp Tendoy with the Camp Fire Girls.

Vintage Camp Tendoy Postcard
No longer a Girl Scout camp, an online source notes that the camp is now called Camp Taylor.

This 1941 image shows the CCC cabin at Camp Tendoy
Due to the date of the photo, these are Camp Fire Girls.

Poetry of Camp Tendoy

Camp Wind-O-Willows
Homedale area, ID