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Camp Abigail Harding Lewis
Vernon Heights, OH
Camp was named after Marion, OH resident Mrs. Abigail Harding Lewis, sister to US President Warren G. Harding.

Camp Avery Hand
southwest of Mansfield, OH
BSA property

Avon Lake Girl Scout Camp
Avon Lake, OH

The Avon Lake Girl Scout Camp area today.
Google Maps

Camp Beckoning Trails
 33671 Keller Road, Logan, OH
108 acres
Home of the Marlie Lodge

Bedford Cabin
Lake Erie area, OH

Camp Beech Wood
Somerville, OH

Bernard Lodge
New Lexington, OH

Camp Berry
Findlay, OH

Camp Berry was visited by the legendary Camping Caravan, 
a two-year, GSUSA sponsored, touring program
to promote adult camping education.

Black Bear Camp
Coshocton County Fairgrounds

Camp Brookside
Sidney, OH
Land owned by the Sidney Community Foundation for the lifetime use by Girl Scouts.

Camp Burton
Burton, OH

Camp Butterworth
Camp Katherine - Foster's Crossing, OH
Camp Katherine Butterworth
Camp William Butterworth
Foster, OH
150 acres
The grandparents of  William B. Butterworth, named William B. and Elizabeth (Linton) Butterworth settled in the area near the Little Miami River and are buried nearby at the Maineville, OH cemetery. Although the grandson, William B Butterworth was born in Maineville, OH in 1864, by 1982 he was married and living in Illinois. His wife was Katherine M. Deere. It is likely he inherited the property, and did not live there as an adult. The Butterworth were well to do, with several servants living with them (as noted on Federal Census), but were childless. William Butterworth took over leadership of Deere & Co (later John Deere), and later became president of the US Chambers of Commerce.
The property that became Camp Katherine was possibly a site of the Underground Railroad, and was loaned to the Girl Scouts for 20 years, through the encouragement and actions of Mrs. Katherine Crabbs, a local Girl Scout supporter. It is not known how the property stayed in the possession of the Girl Scouts after the 20 years. Local GS council history notes that the camp name changed to William Butterworth, likely sometime after his death in 1936. The last newspaper clipping noting Camp Katherine is 1938. Currently it is known simply as Camp Butterworth.

Early history of Camp Katherine

She was cleared of ALL charges.

Camp Campbell Gard
near Hamilton, OH
YMCA property

Camp Chonote
near Akron, OH

Girl Scout Camp at Conger's Grove
Camp Conger
near New Haven, OH

Camp Cornish
20280 Cornish Road, Mount Vernon, OH
14.5 acres
Home of the Cornish Lodge

Camp Craag

Medina Co, OH

Camp Crooked Lane
6998 County Road 40, Mount Gilead, OH
226 acres
Home of the Wawingas Lodge

Camp Crowell
Camp Julia Crowell
Camp Crowell/Hilaka
3771 Oviatt Rd, Richfield, OH
Nice history of the camp:

Decorative Plaque

College of camp patches
and line drawing of the millwheel.

Girl Scout Camp at Dixon Springs
Dixon Springs, OH

Camp Echo Hills

Camp Falling Rock
BSA property

Camp Falls Run
940 Falls Run Road, Cutler, OH
Primitive camp

Camp Findlay

Abbe Rd, Elyria area, OH

Camp Florence Young
15 miles north of Marion, OH

Camp Frederickson
Coshocton area, OH

Camp Gipiwa
Rattlesnake Creek, New Martinsburg, OH

Camp Golden Sunrise
Roswell, OH

Great Trail Camp
Malvern/Minerva, OH
276 acres

Camp Greene
3450 Grinnell Rd, Yellow Springs, OH

Camp Green Meadows
near Trotwood, OH

Camp Hannawatha
Hopedale, OH
Hanna Coal Company donated 320 acres in 1965
Groundbreaking didn't start until 1975
Officially dedicated 1976

Girl Scout Camp at Hamilton Heights

Camp Happy Haven
Demming Road, Piqua area, OH

Camp Hilaka
4374 Broadview Rd, Richfield, OH
later combined with Camp Crowell

Promotional photo, 1941

Camp Hill Top
Camp Hilltop
Gulf Rd, Elyria, OH
38 acres

Intergrove Cabin
relinquished to Cleveland Metroparks

Camp Iss-See-Kes
YWCA property

Camp Jessie Mae Fageol
Ravenna, OH

Girl Scout Day Camp at J.H. Nelson's Farm
Mansfield, OH

Camp Ken-Jockety
 1295 Hubbard Road, Galloway, O
200 acres
Home of the Ginny and John Elam Environmental Education Center 

Camp Kiloqua
Marblehead, OH
Camp was Camp Fire Girls property, it is not known if the "ad" was an error, or if Girl Scouts camped there also.

Kamp Kiwanis
Camp Kiwanis
Girl Scout Camp on Brush Creek

Camp Kiwanis
Girl Scout Kiwanis Camp
Pond Run, Marion, OH

Camp Ko-Ko-Sing
Owl Creek, near Millwood, OH
Former BSA camp

Camp Lakeshore
Chaska Beach, Huron, OH

LakeView Ranch
attached to Camp Molly Lauman

Camp Ledgewood

Peninsula, OH
350 acres
National Girl Scout Training Camp

Camp Lejnar
6881 Kniffen Rd, Painesville, OH
430 acres

Camp Libbey
Camp Edward Drummond Libbey
near Defiance, OH
Mr. Libbey bequests $25,000 to Girl Scouts for a campsite - 1925
Girl Scouts purchase land for Camp Libbey - 1935
Official dedication July 26, 1936
Home of Linden House - 1939

Vintage postcards and patch of Camp Edward Drummond Libbey

Camp Logisca
Clinton Rd, Lorain, OH

Camp Lone Star
8 miles southeast of Galion, OH
purchased 1949
40 acres

Girl Scout Camp at Luke Chute
Lowell, OH

Camp Lycopedia

Camp Mac-O-Chee
Bellefontaine, OH

Camp Margaret Bates
8495 Ear Valley View Road, Macedonia, OH
138 acres
Now a housing development

Camp Michikinikwa
Camp Michi-kini-kwa
Camp Michikinaqun
Michikinikwa means Little Turtle

Camp Millwood
Gault Road, near Youngstown, OH
62 acres

Camp Mitchell
Southwest of Bucyrus, OH

Not sure what a "state supervised" Girl Scout Camp is!

Camp Molly Lauman
Camp Mary E. Lauman
Bear Creek, near Lucasville, OH
"Molly" was a nickname
Home of Lightfoot Lodge, Bear Creek Lodge & Brechner Lodge. 

Camp Mu-Mac
Willis Creek area, OH
Officially dedicated 1964
Land donated by the Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company. Named after the Muskingum River and Mr. McNeely of the electric company. 

Those with a discerning eye 
will notice they used a Camp Fire Girls group image.

Camp Myeerah
near Bellefontaine, OH
Camp was named after Myeerah, daughter of a Wyandot chief, who married Isaac Zane. She died in 1816. Myeerah means "White Crane".

Camp Nelson Dodd

Camp Niniwan


Girl Scout Camp on Orla Barks Farm
Marion area, OH

Camp Owens
Marion area, OH

Camp Pleasant Valley
near Tiffin, OH
Closed 2011

Camp Proctor
New California, OH
National Girl Scout Leader Training Camp - 1928

Camp Rolling Hills
1 N. Range Line Road, near Pleasant Hill,  OH
Stillwater River, Miami Co, OH
74 acres

Camp Ross Trails
3459 Layhigh Road, Ross, OH
1959 - 1989


Camp Rotan
Irene Olson Girl Scout Camp Rotan
Irene Olson Camp Rotan
Athens, OH
15 acres

Camp Ruth Weigand

13393 Cater Rd, Painesville, OH

Camp Sagamore Hill
Near Edglewood Dam, OH

The Song of Sagamore Hill

Camp Sandoneida
Malvern, OH

Camp Segur
Girl Scout Camp on Catawba Island
Catawba Island, OH

Vintage Postcard of Camp Segur

Camp Singing River
North Fairfield, OH
Originally 93 acres

A living tribute to Mrs. Emma Carter

Camp Stepping Stones
Belfast Pike, Hillsboro, OH
Land loaned to Girl Scouts by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rhude, built by Hillsboro Jaycees, funded by Hillsboro Junior Women's Club

Camp Stonybrook
Land purchased 1953

Camp Sugarbush

Trumball Co, OH

Camp Sycamore Ridge

Morrow, OH

Camp Tar Hollow

Ross-Hocking State Forest, OH

Camp Tea-Qui-Mead
1480 Sullivan Road, Chillicothe, OH
148 acres
Home of Mahrt Lodge & Skipper’s Nest 

Camp Tecumseh
Cincinnati, OH

Camp Tilting Acres
132 acres
Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Tilton's farm

Part of the Ukulele Craze of the time!

Camp Timber Hill
Route 4, east of Hamilton, OH
Officially dedicated June 1955

Camp Timberlane
Green Road, Birmingham, OH
often misspelled Timberlain, Timberland
132 acres
not formally dedicated until 1964 though primitive camping started in 1957

Camp Tupelo
South Diamond Street, Richland area, OH

Camp Unaliyi
Cloverdale, OH
1958 -1984
28 acres

Camp Valley View
East Fork of the Little Miami River, near Batavia, OH
National Training School for Girl Scout Leaders, 1925

Camp Valley View was clearly
a replacement for Camp Proctor,
and earning the "camp letters" was still
See Camp Proctor (scroll up)

Camp Wakatomika
Camp Wakatomica
 15189 Girl Scout Road, Utica, OH
263 acres

In this camp a National Champion of Trees lived!

Camp Walhonding
near Loudonville, OH

Camp Wanacomback
Foster Park Road, Amherst, OH

Camp Wanake
Route 93, near Beach City, OH

Camp Whip-Poor-Will
Camp Whip-Poor-Will Hills
Morrow, OH
252 acres
Land purchased 1936
Home of the Grace Cullen Cabin - 1937
and the Mary Rollins Dining Lodge - 1996


Camp Wildwood
Middletown, OH
Destroyed by Fire 1936

Wintergreen Cabin
Strongsville, OH
relinquished to Cleveland Metroparks

Girl Scout Camp at Wolf Island
Indian Lake, OH

Camp Woodhaven
Woodhaven Program Center - 1984
Lima area, OH
Originally 20 acres
Home of the Sweetbriar Lodge (1948)
and HoW House (Heart of Woodhaven-1950)
and Shagbark Environmental Center (1978)
and the Rose Marie Duffy Lodge (1989)


Girl Scout Camp on Yellow Creek
Hammondsville, OH

Yennet Lodge
Oberlin, OH

Although Girl Scout troops weren't racially 
mixed in 1937, the same program at the same location
was offered, just on different days.



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