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Girl Scout Camps - West Virginia

Camp Algo
Police Lodge, Colliers, WV
Lauretta B. Millsop GSC
Camp renamed Honor Brite in 1963, see below.

Camp Abbott
Mt. Hope, Fayette Co, WV
Enchanted Hills District, Mountain Laurel GSC

Camp Allegiscawa

Camp Allegiscowa
Greenbrier River, WV

Camp Ann Bailey
Greenbrier River, near Caldwell, WV
Camp was named for Ann Bailey (1742-1825) heroine of the Revolutionary War and Northwest Indian War.
National Training Camp in 1938

Camping on the site began a year 
before it officially opened to residential camping.

Camp Memories

Camp Memories

Camp Memories

They raised money to dam the river for swimming, and ended
up building a real pool.

This wonderful poem written by Lucy Anne Young was submitted by  Jana Branch.

Camp Beckwith
Fayette Co. WV

Camp Betty Zane
Edgewood, WV

Camp Calico
Marion-Monogalia County Line, WV

Camp Campbell
Fayette and Raleigh Counties area, WV

I love a good "camp dog" story

Camp Chief Logan
Clothier, WV
BSA property

Camp Clide Browder
near Bluefield, WV
Named for Mrs. Mabel Clide Browder, local artist and first GS council president.

Camp Clifftop
near Lookout, WV
Former CCC camp, owned by 4-H
Camp George Washington Carver

Camp Collins
BSA property

Girl Scout Camp @ Fitzpatrick County Park
Beckley, WV

Camp Garcia
Tomlinson State Park, WV
became a Camp Fire Girls camp around 1962

Camp Greenwood
Maxwell Hill Community Playground
Raleigh County, WV

Camp Giscowheco
Triadelphia, WV

The camp name was misspelled,
a common occurance.

Camp Giscowheco Pin

Camp Gondagal
Bibb Farm, White Oaks, WV

Camp Honor Brite
Collier's Police Lodge, Collier's, WV
originally Camp Algo, see above.

Girl Scout Camp at Lower Falls on Coal River
near St. Albans, WV

Camp Mamie Flynn
Mill Creek, WV
1963 - August 1, 2011
265 acres
Named after Mamie Delworth Flynn, widow with three sons, charter member of the Logan Co. Girl Scout Council, 1930.


Camp Marsh Fork
Jarrell Farm, Dry Creek, WV

Camp McElrath
Sophia, WV
BSA property

Camp Meadowlea
Grafton, WV

Camp Miriam Houston
near Kimball, WV
Named for the donors of the camp, Mr. & Mrs. David Houston

Camp Oak Ridge
2 miles south of Ravenswood, WV

Camp Rocky Ledges
Milton, WV
143 acres

Camp Roof Rock
Coal River, WV

Camp Sandy Bend
near Elizabeth, WV

Camp Segun
Grandview State Park, WV

Camp Splinter
near Richwood, WV

Girl Scout Camp at Twin Falls State Park
Twin Falls State Park, WV

Girl Scout Camp at Wheeling Oglebay Park
Wheeling, WV

Camp Wheelgate

Dutch Ridge Road, Kanawha Co, WV

Camp White Rock
Capon Bridge, WV
125 acres


Camp Wischixl
Elk River, WV


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