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Girl Scout Fun and Games

FUN is an unofficial motto of Girl Scouting. Check out a few of the fun and games Girl Scouts have played throughout the years!

A parade of the Cracker Jack's Girl Scouts!

 Ernie Alvater wrote:  ... Attached is a photo of another Girl Scout tangent-collectible, the polystyrene Girl Scout prize from Cracker Jacks (circa 1955-58).  These were made by the Nosco Plastics Co. (the name appears on the base) and measure approximately 1.75" tall.  As you can see, the Girl Scout carries a flag, as if marching in a parade.  This was part of a 16-piece set (#1144) that was distributed during the period;  other figures included a Boy Scout, American Indian chief, clown, baseball and basketball figures, several different cowboys, etc.  The seven colors we've found thus far are dark green, light green, medium blue, light blue, yellow, white, and pink -- but I'm guessing we'll eventually discover more colors.



1939 - the Trupe game came in 2 box covers, this one with the Prospero, the goat and the second one with the 1939 World's Fair logo: Girl Scouts at the 1939 World's Fair.




1957 "Patience Puzzle" - this was a free, giveaway during the Girl Scout Week celebration








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