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World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) was formed in May of 1928 at the 5th International Congress in Pared, Hungary.
The WAGGGS badge (pin) design was adopted in 1948 at the 12th World Conference in New York for use by all members, if they wished. The design was in use on the WAGGGS flag since 1930. The design was crafted by Kari Aas of Norway. Currently, the World Association pin is worn by all registered members.
 The traditional blue and gold are familiar to all Girl Scouts.
The gold trefoil on a blue background represents the sun shining on children everywhere, the base gold stalk is the flame of the love of humanity, the upward pointing vein is a compass needle pointing the way. The two stars are the Promise and Law, the flowing line around the trefoil is for the worldwide movement.

In 1990 the WAGGGS symbol was updated.

This pin was for decorative wear, not official wear.



Although the World Pin was technically first introduced in the Fall 1949 GS catalog, it was almost an afterthought. Only the 9-685 version was offered as a small insert on the page showing the pin and a brief description. Drawings of the proper placement of insignia did not show the World Pin. 

In 1950 the World Pin was given prominence in the catalog and shown on the drawings on insignia placement. In 1950 Brownie Girl Scouts wore the World Pin along with Girl Scouts and adults.

In 1956 the name was changed to World Association Pin and a separate World Association Pin for Brownies (the 2 finger salute) was introduced.


An early version of the World Pin on card. Pin had a raised edge and emblem. Background was painted navy blue.

The Brownie World Association Pin was introduced in 1956 and was worn only on the Brownie uniform. This lasted until 1976.


The pin shown is the "World Association Badge".  Page 16 of the 1958 addition of the "Trefoil Around the World" book states that this pin or badge is worn only by members of the World Committee and its sub-committees, the staff of the World Bureau and its Branch Office, the Guiders in charge of the World Centers and others who carry out special duties for the World Association.  The blue circle is a constant reminder that those who wear this badge work for the world and not only for their own countries.  It was approved at the Seventh World Conference in 1932.  There is a black and white drawing along side the information.
Sue and Joe Walters


Modern WAGGGS Charm

The top row of these WAGGGS Regional pins were launched around 2007 with the Girls Worldwide Say program, yet none of them say WAGGGS. The second row is currently available.

Instead of following the other pins, this one says "Friends of Africa Region."

French version



Vintage silk

Older Asia Pacific Region pin

2 version of newer pin

Asia Pacific Reach for the Region Pin 2005


Discontinued European Region Pin & Patch


New European Region Pin & Patch


older WAGGGS logo on Western Hemisphere Pin

newer WAGGGS logo image: Angie Olds

older Western Hemisphere Pin

Robin Dorer



Western Hemisphere Pin


Specialize WAGGGS pins & patches & such:

WAGGGS Globe Pin

Old WAGGGS ring

WAGGGS pin from Costa Rica


United Nations International Year of the Refugee WAGGGS Pin

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees & WAGGGS patch

1993 Peace Pin

1996 World Citizenship



Our Rights, Our Responsibilities


75th Anniversary

Brownie Challenge

Supporting AIDS research


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