Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum


If you have anything not shown on the website and you'd like to share, please follow the instructions below...


Scan your pin(s) at 100% in 150 dpsi (dots per square inch) on a white background if possible. Crop the image (remove as much of the background as you can) if possible, but I can edit on this end as well.

email to : Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum


Badges & Patches

Badges and patches do better at 50% in 150 dpsi on a white background


No Scanner?

We've also discovered that a color Xerox of something does well too - just mail it to me.


Other Information?

Photographs, stories, other things you would like to share.

I'll try to add them - they may be edited to fit the webpage.

Please note that images may be altered to fit the website format, including changing size or background color to white.