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S.S. Juliette Low

Precious little is known or remembered about the Liberty ship S.S. Juliette Low, save for these photos and this article. She was one of about 2700 Liberty Ships quickly put into service during World War II. She was even built in her namesake's hometown of Savannah at the Southeastern Shipbuilding Corp. Juliette Low's niece Margaret Gordon (Mrs. Samuel Lawrence) christened the ship - see photo, and her cousin Irby Lasseter presented the flag to the captain of the ship. Shown below is a brief article about the S.S. Juliette Low. She was scuttled in 1972.

 As of 2009 an online article noted that a scale model of the S.S. Juliette Low was located at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, GA (

June 1944 Girl Scout Leader Magazine cover of S.S. Juliette Low