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The Girl Scout Little House was not single place, but a movement across America. Starting in Washington DC, the very first Little House was donated to the Girl Scouts by the General Federation of Women's Clubs and was the model for hundreds of Little Houses in every Girl Scout town and city that could manage one.

The Washington DC Little House was a focal point for Girl Scouting and many publicity photos were taken there. A pamphlet published by the Girl Scouts, likely in the 1930s summed up the purpose of the Little House this way; "the Little Girl Scout House is the half-way step between the playhouse of children and the home that every mother wants to be sure that her daughter can make for herself."

Domesticity and housekeeping skills were promoted in the beginning. Later, Little Houses became simple meeting places and a "face" for Girl Scouting in the community. Gradually, Little Houses fell out of favor and for some Girl Scouts Councils are only a vague memory. However, some councils have continued the tradition of Little Houses.

Library of Congress image
Girl Scout Little House
Washington DC

Library of Congress image - Mrs. Hoover and
First Lady Mrs. Coolidge
 in front of the Little House in Washington D.C. 1925

Library of Congress image - Mrs. Hoover
and Girl Scouts in front of the
 Little House in Washington D.C. 1929

Library of Congress image - cafeteria in basement
of the Little House

Mrs. Hoover, Dr. Ford and Girl Scouts
in the kitchen of the Little House

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Girl Scouts
tending to a meal - 1940

Postcard of the National Girl Scout Little House, Washington, DC

Postcard of The Girl Scout Little House, 1750 New York Ave, Washington DC

Side view of Little House Doll House

An exact replica of the Little House of Washington DC

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