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Girl Scout Uniform 1928

By 1928 Girl Scouting was an established program, no longer a novelty in the public eye.  The introduction of the grey-green fabric for the Girl Scout uniform was the first time the color "green" was associated with Girl Scouting. It also was the first time the adults wore a completely different style of uniform. In 1935 a  change was made to the neckline, a zipper was added and the modesty shield was removed. 

1928 Grey-Green Girl Scout Uniform with fabric belt and a mix of grey-green and silver green badges.

Dark Green was the recommended color for the 1928 uniform, however, other colors were offered: light blue, black, red, yellow

purple, dark blue and brown were dropped in 1933,

 orange added in 1931,

lavender in 1933,

 Image is from the 1934 Catalog.


This style and the Beret style of hat were offered

Adult Uniform - 1930



Image from 1928 Catalog

Sunflower Troop Crest

Woodcraft Scout on fabric square

Laundress, cut round


Special Insignia

Troop Treasurer 
d/c 1940

Troop Scribe 
d/c 1940


1929, the first time "Girl Scout Handbook" was used as a title.  1929 Supplement of Changes in Badges.


Supplement to the 1933 Handbook


March 1933 Good Housekeeping shows Girl Scouts in the uniform of the day...

as did the  Herald of June 1935.

Citizen/Senior Girl Scout Pin 1921-1929


Image donated by Gail C. Schrader

Citizen Scouts - older Girl Scouts, were committed to community service, fulfilling the 8 hour a month requirement of service. The uniform of the Citizen Scout at first, was a khaki armband, with troop crest and red ribbon. Later various uniform changes were offered. Girls could continue to earn badges, and wear badges earned previously. The blue enameled pin was introduced in 1921 to match with the blue serge of the current uniform. It was replaced by the green enameled pin in 1929.

Senior Girl Scout Pin 1929-1938


Image donated by Talli

This pin was first offered in 1929 for Senior Girl Scouts, replacing the blue enameled pin. It was enameled green to better match the uniform.

Official Uniform for Mounted Girl Scout Troops - 1931

1932 Catalog Image

1933 Catalog Image





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