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2000 Razanne, Muslim Scout Doll

Noorart, Inc, sold online
Not sold in GSUSA shops or online

Razanne was a doll that was first offered around the year 2000 (my box says 2000). According to online sources Razanne was offered in 3 skin tones, and a variety of outfits. One such outfit (with accessories) was the Muslim Scout. 

Razanne is about 11 1/2" tall and compares to Barbie in stature, except for a more modest bustline. She cannot stand alone. Box clearly states that "color, styles and accessories may vary from those shown." Indeed, the vest on the 2 dolls I have do not match the image on the box.

She wears a white hajib, a high collar, long sleeve khaki blouse that Velcro's in the back. A gold ribbon creates a neckerchief look. The olive green vest carries the "scout" look with sequins and bits of ribbon creating the insignias. She wears a long olive green skirt with an elastic waist and white mesh underwear.


Her accessories include (all plastic) pink hair brush, binoculars, pink and yellow canteen and brown hiking boots. Her khaki backpack is made of cloth. The set includes a cassette tape: Life in Mecca (side 1). 

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