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2011 Tender Heart Girls - Girl Scout Dolls

Paradise Galleries, division of Charisma Brands
Price - unknown
Troop #312 (same as Adora GS dolls)

There isn't much information available on this brief series of dolls. Paradise Galleries, who made the Tender Heart Girls line, was owned by Charisma Brands.  Adora dolls, who made and continue to make various lines of dolls, is also owned by Charisma Brands. Both Paradise Galleries AND Adora launched their own 18" Girl Scout line of dolls in 2011.

Stock image of the Paradise Galleries "Tender Heart Girls" Girl Scout doll line. L-R: Olivia, Sophia, Maria, Isabella and Emma.

A unique feature of the Paradise Galleries "Tender Heart Girls"

Girl Scout dolls was the embroidered insignia on their sashes.

These dolls came either in the Brownie or Junior Girl Scout uniforms, or in street clothes. Each doll came with a ribbon or two in their hair.

  • Brownie Uniform: Blue shirt, white neck tie with blue snap, brown sash with embroidered insignias, khaki pants, white shoes & socks.

  • Junior Uniform: White t-shirt with GS service mark, green vest (no embroidery), green sash with embroidered insignia, khaki pants, white shoes & socks.

  • Street Wear: Two options were offered at first (maybe others later) that included a small poodle dog with leash.


By March of 2013 Paradise Galleries was offering huge sales on these dolls. The price got down to $15.99 each with 2 outfits thrown in free if you bought 2 dolls - according to Paradise Galleries Facebook page.

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