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2014 "Barbie Loves Girl Scouts" Dolls

The GSUSA - Mattel partnership was announced in August 2013, with the launch of

  • the special website (

  • roll-out of the GSUSA activity booklet "I Can Be..."  in Spanish and English

  • special pink cloud-shaped patch emblazoned with "Barbie/Be Anything/Do Everything"  (English only). 

It was immediately followed with controversy. The 3-year deal had Mattel paying GSUSA 3 million dollars to work together to promote the "Barbie loves Girl Scouts."  It was met with some resistance, some council didn't promote the program, but others did. In the age of the internet, local councils not offering a program doesn't really slow down the determined. 

The whole focus of this program was career exploration for Daisy and Brownie level  girls.

The actual 3 Barbie Girl Scout dolls (Barbie, Nikki & Teresa) were rolled out in July 2014 at a fixed price of $12.99. They were available in some retail stores, online and  council shops. I pretty sure they were available at the GS online shop, but I'm not positive. They weren't offered in the GS catalogs. I know the box says 2013, but the roll out was 2014.

Troop # 1959


Click "Download" to download a PDF of the Barbie "I Can Be..." booklet

Screen-shot of the webpage that brought digital Barbie into the world of Girl Scouting.


A close-up look at the Barbie sash shows that they are:

  • In Troop 1959 (a play on the year Barbie was "born")

  • In Malibu Council, home of the Malibu Barbie!

  • Music Notes is their troop crest

  • According to their membership stars, they were in 1 year of Brownies and 2 years of Juniors. About 10-11 years old?

  • Flew up from Brownies, as well as bridged.

  • Earned their Junior Aide Award patch

  • Have earned 5 badges

    • Junior Girl Scout Way​

    • Cookie CEO

    • Staying Fit

    • Playing the Past

    • Product Designed


Close-up of the bag


1995 - Despite the pink coloring of the package and the images of some very Barbie-looking dolls, these Girl Scout uniform sewing kits were not related to Mattel's Barbie.

The Brownie/Junior uniforms kit was launched in 1995. The adult uniform kit was released in 1996.

The easy-to-sew uniforms fit the standard 11" Barbie-ish dolls.

They were copyrighted to Robin Barrett. Available in GS catalogs and GS shops.

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