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2015 Girl Scout Plush Dolls

Unknown Manufacturer
2015 - $19.95
2016 - $14.99
2017 - $6.99

Continuing the recent history of offering soft, plush dolls GSUSA offered this line in the 2015 GS Spring and Fall catalogs. 

Similar to the 2007 Troop Groovy Girls made by the Manhattan Toy Company, these 15" dolls wore street clothing with either a Brownie or Junior sash or vest. Unlike the Troop Groovy Girls, all the dolls had bare legs and black shoes. Their yarn hair was a single color, rather than multiple colors. The eyes were larger, and each doll had a simple smile. Soon after the original 8 dolls were launched, 4 Daisy dolls were added with a Daisy tunic or vest and appeared in the 2016 GS catalog.

These dolls were generic. They didn't have a group name. It doesn't appear that they came in a box. Once the hang tag that carried the name of the individual doll was removed, there was no reference to the doll's name. The outfits could not be changed. The label of the doll carried the Girl Scout mark on one side and "Collect Them All" on the other side. For the first 8 dolls the secondary label listed a date of January 2015. The Daisy dolls listed a date of June 2015.

#11880 - Brownie Taylor, #11881 - Brownie Hanna, #11882 - Brownie Emma, #11883 - Brownie Olivia

#11884 - Junior Kayla, ​#11885 - Junior Grace, #11886 - Junior Sarah, #11887 - Junior Isabelle

#11888 - Daisy Lily, #11889 - Daisy Mia, #11890 - Daisy Ava, #11891 - Daisy Kiara

The hang tag is the only item noting the doll's name.

January 2015

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