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"A Girl Scout"


In 1928 the Girl Scout catalog offered a set of 3 new products, all made of bronze, (or plated in bronze) showing a "typical" Girl Scout, in uniform, in a semi-kneeling position feeding a rabbit. The maker of these bronze items isn't known, but back in 1926 the GS catalogs began offering a bronze trefoil shaped tree/grave marker. This item was also listed on the same page as the new merchandise in 1928. It doesn't seem unreasonable to think that the bronze maker was the same for all these items.
  • "A Girl Scout" camp medallion
  • "A Girl Scout" bookends (plated in bronze)
  • "A Girl Scout" paperweight (black or bronze finish)


Bernadette Colletti was kind enough to send in a pic of her black finish "A Girl Scout" paper weight!


In 1926 the GS catalog first offered this trefoil shaped  bronze tree/grave marker. The marker was sold on the same page as the 3 "A Girl Scout" items.  Although it's maker is unknown, it seems likely it was the same maker as the "A Girl Scout" items. 


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