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Flowers of the Girl Guides, Camp Fire Girls and Boy Scouts


BOY SCOUT Rose - 1946


 Class: Hybrid Tea, Large-flowered Seed: Joanna Hill Pollen: Olympiad (Hybrid Tea, Pernet-Ducher, 1931) 

Breeding: Bred in United States (1946) by Carl G. Duehrsen.

Bloom: Orange-red & orange-red blend blooms.

Strong fragrance.

Double, high-centered, large bloom form. Repeats

No known photos

CAMP FIRE GIRL Rose - 1946

Class: Hybrid Tea, Large-flowered Seed: Joanna Hill Pollen: Gruss an Aachen 

Breeding: Bred in United States (1946) by Carl GDuehrsen.

Bloom: Orange-pink & orange-pink blend blooms.

Strong fragrance.


No known photos

Canadian Girl Guides 75th Anniversary Rose

June 2007

I thought I would pass on an update regarding the Canadian Girl Guide Rose. Unfortunately, White Rose Home and Garden Centres no longer exists. Also unfortunately, as they were the creators and "copyright" holders of the Girl Guide Rose, this plant is no longer available commercially. 

Alana Raymond 
Ottawa Area Girl Guides 
Girl Guides of Canada


Girl Guiding Centenary Rose 2010

image and information from:

(link to rose no longer active)

Dimensions: H80cm x W60cm
Colour: Red
Scent Rating: 6

The Girlguiding Centenary Rose is an easy-care rose suitable for all-comers, including rose-gardening beginners.

The colour is rich raspberry pink. The "eye" at the centre of each flower is yellow at first, then turns white. It gives a lovely look, which is accentuated by the silvery reverse to the petals. This striking rose also makes an attractive choice for flower arrangements, where its perfume of musk with fruity overtones is best enjoyed.

The Centenary Rose is ideal for all-purpose planting in beds and borders and if you don't have a garden, it can be planted in a large container or planter to give your balcony a splash of colour!

Canadian Girl Guides 100th Anniversary Rose

Dimensions: H100cm x W80cm
Colour: Yellow
Scent Rating: 6


The Brownie Rose Introduced in 2004

Here is a rose that gives a lively account no matter what. For mass-effect in pure buttercup yellow The Brownie Rose reaches for new horizons, as it does in terms of ease of cultivation. 
Beginners will amaze themselves with the enormous trusses of blooms that just keep on coming. New shoots will be bursting forth and already showing their flower buds even before the previous flush of flowers is finished.
The Brownie Rose will make a fine display as a single plant; but it is at its best when planted in groups, adding joie de vivre to any situation requiring a drift of colour. As a cut stem, it is long-lasting in water, giving good value when cut for indoors.

Brownie Rose image and information from:

No longer available

The New Brownie Rose has been grown to celebrate the Brownie Section's 90th birthday.

The rose is a buttercup yellow, lightly scented floribunda, with enormous trusses of blooms that grow to a height of 100cm with a width of 80cm.

Bred by Harkness Roses for Girlguiding UK, the Brownie Rose was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show on May 25th 2004.

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