Girl Scouts at the World's Fairs

For the 27th birthday of Girl Scouting, 50,000 of these Girl Scout Chalet charms were given out free to Girl Scouts during Girl Scout week, through their local Girl Scout shops. The reverse

has the New York World's Fair symbols and 1939.

By the time this snippet was published in the January 1939 Girl Scout Leader, the Girl Scout World's Fairs Committee was already formed. One of their goals was to create suitable opportunities for Girl Scouts.

Small metallic sticker

The new "Trupe" Girl Scout game came out with a special 1939 New York World's Fair box cover.

Although most remember the souvenirs of the 1939 World's Fair in New York, few remember that there were other World's Fairs that Girl Scouts visited and even did volunteer work with, including the 1939 San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition and the 1962 Seattle's World's Fair.  Senior Girl Scouts from the Seattle area could be trained as "Program Trail Guides" during the World's Fair. This page seeks to find and remember these rare Girl Scout events.

                    First came the Girl Scout World's Fairs Committee...

Page 2 of the 1939 Spring Girl Scout Catalog with the World's Fair symbol in the background.

Publicity photo of Mrs. Herbert Hoover  in front of the Girl Scout Chalet, dropping a letter into the mailbox inviting all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to the 1939 World's Fair. The "Anno 1932" date is for the opening year of the actual Chalet in Switzerland.

Note the ladies in fur coats. Photo was taken in April 1939.

This is what the "Crystalball" souvenir charm looked like, that was given to Princess Ingrid

One thing I love to do is study the background of photographs. This one shows the 1939 Girl Scout Recipe File with the unique cork cover and boxes of the new Trupe Girl Scout card game with the 1939 World's Fair symbol.

There are precious few items that remember the Girl Scouts at the 1939 New York World's Fair. As for the 1939 San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition and the Girl Scouts I have found NOTHING beyond what I have shown here - and that's only the smaller portion of the article in the Girl Scout Leader.

1962 Seattle Space Age World's Fair

Girl Scout Leader

October 1962

Senior Girl Scouts were trained to be Program Trail Guides at the fair

1964 New York World's Fair

By 1964 visiting the World's Fair was the extent of Girl Scout involvement. I can't find any information on Girl Scouts being guides or other volunteer work.

1982 World's Fair

I found this file in my computer and I have not idea where it came from, so I can't credit anyone. I wanted to put this here as a rare Girl Scout/World's Fair item.

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