Girl Scout Adult Pins

Originally an optional item for adult uniformed wear, the Girl Scouts U.S.A. bar pin also became optional on Cadette and Senior uniforms as well. 1973 cost - 50 cents.

Things you may find on an adult Girl Scout uniform...

Girl Scout Associates/Committee Pin

1927 catalog image, showing clearly the G.S. on the pin.

 First introduced in 1920, this pin was generally for anyone who wished to be a part of Girl Scouting, but for some reason, could not be an active member. At first, a committee member had to pass the Tenderfoot Test, but this requirement was later dropped. The title "Associate" was added in 1935. The title "Committee" was dropped in 1942.


The "GS" on the pin was visible in the 1927 (and '28. etc) Girl Scout Catalog, but according to the Girl Scout Collector's Guide, was not added until 1933. 


No indication on why the cost of the pin dropped from 75 cents in the 1920s, to 50 cents by 1935. The last year it was offered, 1957-S, the pin was only 25 cents.

The pin mould was put to good use:

  • 1937 - a silver version was produced for the Silver Jubilee Camp

  • 1938 - a pin was produced for A.A.G. - would love to learn what AAG meant

  • 1941 - Western Hemisphere Camp 



Girl Scout National  Appreciation Pin



1985-design changed sometime after 2005

Current design was launched sometime after 2005 and before 2015. My guess would be around 2011, when the membership pin changed and the wording move to the top.

Early Girl Scout "GS" pins

The classic "GS" hat pin, 1915-1920 

Small variations in the style of the pin are known.

Starting in 1932, collar & hat pins became a vital part of the adult uniform. Shown here are the 3 different kinds of collar/hat pins. More detailed information can be found in the Girl Scout Collector's Guide. 1932-1968

This list shown left is just one year's list of the special insignia of ribbons & GS pins.

This list is too early to show the familiar yellow ribbon for leaders and co-leaders, that wasn't introduced until 1961.

More detailed information, including yearly changes, can be found in the Girl Scout Collector's Guide

Shown here in this nifty image are the 11 colors of the adult position pins commonly seen - the actual titles may change throughout the years, but the colors are pretty consistent. In 1968 there were only 5 colors; green, maroon, light grey, dark grey and yellow. 1968-current.


Not seen here;

  • Gold for Honorary National President (1968-still in use?)

  • Pin with 3 colors - navy blue, green & blue for Board Alumni (1993-still in use?)

Juliette Low World Friendship pins; (L-R) 1970's era, 1979, and recent era.

Pins are worn by girls and adults who attend a JLWFF event.

Girl Scout Honor Pin

           Trefoil Style 1                                         Trefoil Style 2


               1987 - 2011                                             current 

Outstanding Leader Pins

Outstanding Volunteer Pins

Leadership Development Pin & Leaves

                                                                                        Girl Scout  Trainer's Pin with segments

Outstanding Leader; Version 1 (no words) 1987-2001, Version 2 - 2001-2011

Outstanding Volunteer; Version 1 (no words) 1987-2001, Version 2 - 2001-2011



Girl Scout Lifetime Membership Pin  

Association of Girl Scout Executive Staff pin

Age of pin unknown


Girl Scouting has had staff associations since 1939 under different names.

Currently named Girl Scout Staff Association 3/19


Left pin: Certified Executive Director's Pin 1996- still in use?

Right Pin: unknown, says Girl Scouts of the USA, silver, round green center

Bridging to Adult Pin 1987

Completing the colorful bridging patch program

 is this pin. Can be worn on the adult uniform,

 below the name tag on the right side of the uniform.

Campus Girl Scout  Pin 1974

This optional pin is for

a certified

 Campus Girl Scout Group

 (over 18 years old, generally college girls).

It is worn with the Girl Scout membership pin,

but not with the numerals.

Girl Scout Volunteer Development Award Pin 2003-2011

Girl Scout Volunteer Service Pins 2003-2011

              1981-2010                        2011-no longer offered

This award was launched between 2012 - 2013

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