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Girl Scout Badges - 1963 Cadette

The brand new Girl Scout age level "Cadettes" brought new badges, with green backgrounds and a yellowish-gold thread border. Many designs came from the former Intermediate program level, but still there several new designs appeared. Like the 1963 Junior badges, the Cadette level was amazingly stable from 1963-1980.


The first 4 Challenge Pins were introduced in 1963.

They were designed to give Cadettes real-life experience and to test their

ability, knowledge and skill.

  8 Challenge Pins were added in 1972, to continue to challenge Cadettes.

This phase brought a change to the way a Cadette could earn her First Class Badge - now it could be earned just by completing the challenges alone - although the 2 other ways were still good - earning badges, and earning badges and challenges together.

1963; Social Dependability, Emergency Preparedness, Active Citizenship, Girl Scout Promise.

1972; Arts, Community Action, Environment, International Understanding, Knowing Myself, My Heritage, Out-of-Doors, Today's World.

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