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Girl Scout Badges - 1963 Juniors

The new Junior Girl Scout badge program of 1963 was a remarkably stable program. There were no changes in the requirements or designs from 1963 through 1980. The only change was in the fabric and backing of the badges. Some of the designs were carried over from the old Intermediate Girl Scout program, other badge designs were brand new.


Sign of the Arrow               Sign of the Star


Early badges has a lightweight cotton backing that had been treated with starch. After several trips through the washer, these badges became flexible.

In the mid-70's a thermoplastic coating was added, as well as a change in fabric - which has a slightly lighter green shade.

In 1978 badges were on a new "vivid-green twill" with with thermoplastic backing. This was the first time a fabric that wasn't also being used to make uniforms was tried.


Badge Errors are rare during this era.

However, this Water Fun badge somehow was given the yellow Cadette border instead of the Junior green.


Not really an error badge, some folks enjoy hunting for differences in badges. For example, here is an uncommon variety for the World Games badge, this time the blonde is chasing the dark haired girl.


While here's another variation that skipped through quality control; off-centered and poorly stitched.

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