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Girl Scout Khaki Badges

Girl Scout badges on khaki fabric were launched in 1918, the designs were the same as the badges on white felt. The khaki fabric used went through a few changes, and the quality of embroidery thread seems to have varied.

In 1920 several new badges were offered, and badge designs, names and requirements changed throughout the years.

1927 was the last official year of khaki badges.


Shown left: All of these are khaki badges, and it is a good example of the wide variety of fabric that qualified as "khaki." This also shows how the embroidery threads have worn and faded over time. Some of the red threads have faded to pinkish and orangish shades.

Only one badge, Laundress, was ever found to have been embroidered in blue thread. The thick black borders and the blue badge date these badges to 1918.


This image above shows the left sleeve of a Girl Scout uniform. Certain badges were supposed to be stitched to the left sleeve, separate from other badges; Child Nurse, Home Nurse and First Aid. At the bottom of the sleeve is a short silver ribbon, denoting 5 years of being a Girl Scout.

All of this together dates the sleeve to 1920-1924

Khaki Badges from a 1918 Girl Scout catalog


All ending dates here are 1927 - even though the badge design may have continued for years. Khaki badges were produced beginning in June of 1918 until the planned change to grey-green fabric of 1928. Of course the stock of khaki badges would have been used up before the newer grey-green badges would have been purchased, so Girl Scouts could have easily been still earning khaki badges after 1927. Even now Girl Scouts have time after a change in badges or requirements to complete the older versions.

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