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Girl Scout Badges - Intermediate


This era of Girl Scout badges covers 25 years, 3 fabric changes, and plenty of colorful new badges to explore. Now that Senior Girl Scouts were their own level in Girl Scouting and the Brownie program continued along - Intermediate Girl Scouts were defined as girls 10-13 years old.

The first fabric change began in 1935 when the grey-green fabric gave way to the new silver-green fabric for use in badges. This meant that popular badges would have been seen with the newer fabric before the 1939 launch of the new Girl Scout Intermediate uniform in silver-green. 

By 1948 the fabric changed again to a bright medium-green - but the actual time of the change over likely happened over a period of months, as badge stocks were sold out and re-ordered. Around 1955 the extra fabric around the border disappeared with a secure "merrow" edge - no more trimming and tucking!

1960 ushered in a light-weight green cloth for badges, but this only lasted until the big program change in 1963, so it seems unlikely that all badges were produced on this fabric, just the more popular ones. Although the 1963 launch of the Junior and Cadette programs used the same fabric, the designs had changed for the Junior level and the Cadette level used a yellow border.


Rabbit Raise

Silver-green fabric

World Gifts

Bright Medium-green

Wild Plant

Bright Medium-green

Merrow edge

My County

Light-weight green

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