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Girl Scout Bookplates

...were an elegant way to lay claim to your books when they were "borrowed" by friends but never returned!


The first bookplate offered was in 1932, coding number M-606.

In 1935, although the design remained the same, the coding number changed to 11-606.


The coding number remains the same, but the design on the bookplate has changed to a Girl Scout with two lambs.


Still the coding number, 11-606 remains the same, but the design is to a Girl Scout in front of a bookcase full of books.


The first Brownie bookplate is offered in 1945, Brownie in a chair. 11-588


This new bookplate design came with a matching green plastic with

gold paint bookmark (sold separately.) 11-608


Second Brownie design of a bookplate, Brownie with a dog. 11-587


11-609 bookplate shows a Girl Scout with a book in her hand, reaching for or returning a book on a high shelf.

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