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Girl Scout Camp Savings Fund Stamps & Booklets

Girl Scout Camp Saving Fund Booklets were a useful and fun way for girls to save for camp. Once a girl earned a dime or two, she could go to her council office and buy a stamp - saving her way to camp!

Camp Fund booklets were produced by GSUSA and locally.

Many thanks to the Alvaters, who donated some of the images shown here!


Above: Undated generic Girl Scout Camp Savings Fund booklet showing a 5 cents red stamp.

Right: 1941 Camp Saving System booklet for Camp St. Albans, WA showing a hand-drawing on the cover of what that camp stamp may have looked like.



Above: 1949 Girl Scout Camp Savings Fund Booklet - the close-up of the stamps shows that this council took the extra step to have the camp stamps embossed, to prevent fakes.

Ernie Altvater writes: This program was apparently inspired by the U.S. Savings Stamp program (remember -- you could buy 10-cent and 25-cent savings stamps at the Post Office, and when you reached $18.75 you could trade in your stamp booklet for a  savings bond that would be worth $25 when matured), only the idea was that a girl would save for summer camp. The card has a total of 90 spaces (36 on  the front side, 54 on the back) and was folded to one-third size.  I've seen Girl Scout Camp Fund stamps in 5-cent, 10-cent, and 25-cent denominations. 



1949 listing in the

Girl Scout Publications Catalog

Girl Scout Camp Savings Stamp Book
Camp Lakamaga (Big Marine Lake) MN
Variation on the Camp Fund 10 cent stamp, probably from the late 1940's or early 1950's.
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