Girl Scout Car License Plates, Booster Plates and Frames

Full sized license plates, metal,

unknown makers, unknown years

Over the last few years several states have moved to honor Girl Scouting by producing "specialty plates", at an extra cost, for automobiles. 

This is usually the result of grass-roots campaigning to secure a set number of orders prior to the state agreeing to produce the specialty plate.

Sometimes the design is shown online, even though there was not enough orders to produce the actual plate.

Many images on this page come from David Miura's webpage 

and are usedwith his permission. He has a lot more detailed information with some of the plates.

Ohio had 3 different designs of Girl Scout License Plates

Booster Plates are standard license plate sized, and are often produced in states where only one real license plate (on the rear) is required. These booster plates, on the front of the car, are strictly decorative.

Plate frames have been produced for councils for years, often in cheap plastic that yellows and gets brittle after a few years. They often note the council and a slogan.
Some companies, such as produce Girl Scout related plate frames.

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