It's a Girl Scout Christmas

As early as 1926 Girl Scouts had "Christmas Gifts for Girl Scouts and Their Friends" catalogs

1926                                                1927


This undated Girl Scout Holiday card may have been made at the council level. Style of the hat puts it in the 1930's. I added the green border to define the edges.



undated, maybe locally made?

Undated button style pin, locally made?

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Girl Scout Christmas Catalogs came and went over the years.


Some of the sweet illustrations found in the 1944 or 1945 Girl Scout Christmas Catalogs.


1946 - by 1947 the trefoil card (11-906) was no longer offered.


Left: Santa in a trefoil


More illustrations of angelic Girl Scouts


Girl Scout Christmas Catalogs were rare during the 1950's and apparently disappeared after that. It stayed that way until 2008 - when a "holiday" supplemental catalog was offered. Since then a few more have been offered.

The 4-page 2008 "In The Spirit of Giving...Great Holiday Gift Ideas From Girl Scouts" offered 6 new ornaments, some patches & pins and a few other items. Most items used generic seasonal wording, those that didn't weren't seasonal items.


It completely omitted the word Christmas.

It did not contain any items for other faiths.

It was the first Christmas-y catalog in years.

Holiday-type Girl Scout catalogs came out somewhat regularly until 2015, then except for a couple of ornaments in the Gold/Silver/Bronze catalog of 2016 there hasn't been much.

As of September 2020, no new catalogs have been offered.

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