Girl Scout (selected) Coats, Jackets & Sweaters

Over the years, Girl Scouting offered a wide variety of coats, jackets & sweaters. Here's a few select items to show the variety offered over the years.

This is by no means a complete listing.


 The first of "outer wears" was offered in 1925, but they didn't appear to carrying any outer Girl Scout logo (may or may not have had an inner GS tag.)

The official Girl Scout Top Coat came in adult sizes and girl sizes. Shown here are to 2 ways to wear the coat, collar up or collar down.

Buttons were official Girl Scout in dark green ivory. Not likely real ivory, but "vegetable ivory."

This Girl Scout coat shown below (1930) is included, even through it doesn't have any outer GS logo. I included it because back in 1930 it was socially acceptable to wear a real fur coat, in this case, Chinchilla fur. Times have changed, but this is a part of Girl Scouting's history too.

The V-neck sweater in dark green with emblem, sold for many years. Two other shades - Apple green (no emblem) and Jade Green (no emblem) were gone by 1935. 

The mystery for me here is - what is all-wool zephyr yarn? An online search offers two options; a wool/silk blend (no, because it says all-wool) or a yarn that is thread-like thin (is that appropriate for sweaters?). Maybe someone with yarn-smarts will write in and help me out here.

You had to purchase your own trefoil to stitch to this sweater! They fixed this by the next year.

World War II restrictions on materials left a few gaps in the catalogs, such as this one.

In 1948, a subtle design change occurred. The emblem moved to the lower left pocket.

The durable Girl Scout and Brownie sweaters began in the 1940's and sold for years. Small changes in the wool percentage and eventual change to synthetic yarn is noted throughout the years.

This sweater is very similar to the one from 1942, but has a different code and is less expensive.

The first Girl Scout Sweat Shirt.

Only offered in the 1946 Fall Catalog.

Something in 1946 caused a coding-change in the Brownie sweater.

First called simply a sport jacket, the following year it was called the Rain-or-Shine jacket. 

Synthetic yarn makes it's debut.

This jacket, in "lined" and "unlined", is different from the gold jacket of 1955. The image shows that the raglan sleeves and elastic cuffs are gone.

Brownie emblem is in blue!


This is the end of the road for the Girl Scout Coats, Jackets and Sweaters page for now....

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