Girl Scout Collapsible Cups

This page is dedicated to Dale Reed, early Girl Scout.

Not seen much anymore, the Girl Scout Collapsible Drinking Cup was an essential part of every Girl Scout's hiking and camping event. Today, these have been replaced by sports bottles.

Cup & box donated to the Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum by Shelley Marcy. This cup was originally owned by Dale Reed, early Girl Scout, who has left us to go on her last hike.

The only difference between Spring & Fall 1931 appears to be the catalog numbers.

By 1933 the "gold lined " cup was gone

The Girl Scout Collapsible Drinking Cup disappeared from catalogs by 1941 and did not reappear until 1945 with the rare clear plastic version:

 Note the 3 "loops" in the trefoil petals

The 1949 reappearance of the metal cup - now aluminum - with it's distinctive Trefoil design

lasted until in 1962.

Note the 3 "loops" on the trefoil.

Logo changes to "GS" in 1963

Good to know that the new plastic cup doubles as a pill box!

Lid changes to the contemporary design in 1979.



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