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Girl Scout "Water Color Box" Paint Sets came in 4 versions; 1939 - simple black tin case, 1944 - 2 piece cardboard set - unknown if it had the GS logo on the case, 1946 black tin with 2 images on either side of the Girl Scout wording and 1949 with the stripes.

What better way to "while away the hours" than by using your official Girl Scout watercolors to paint in the official World Association Painting Book?

First published 1936, images shown are from the 10th edition, 1955.

Published by

Girl Scout Inc.

National Equipment Services

570 Lexington Avenue

New Your, NY

That narrows the age of this Girl Scout Jigsaw Puzzle to 1932-1937

The subject matter of the puzzle is Once Upon a Time - by Hy Hintermeister who is better known as the artist for the Girl Scout Calendars by Bigelow & Brown,  1932 
The puzzle is of a Girl Scout in front of a fireplace reading a story book to a little girl and boy.

There is also a dog on the oriental rug enjoying the glow of the fireplace. 
The puzzle is 9.75" x 13.75". The box is 10.25" long, 8.25" wide and .9" deep.


Victory Jigsaw Puzzle

Group of Brownie

Girl Guides

playing with a dog.

Unknown date

Unknown maker

Undated Girl Scout puzzle showing Brownies playing croquet with their leader

Unknown maker



$16.00 for a 308 piece puzzle?



















In 1987, this simple puzzle of the new Girl Scout stamps was available.

Girl Scout-ish, Cafe Press

 Patience Puzzle

Free Give-away for 1957. Shown enlarged.

Ever notice that the flagpole as a Girl Scout flag?

Girl Scout Wooden Yo-Yo

 # 15110

2016 - online only

Girl Scout Playing Cards

# GS35172 - online only

2017 - Girl Scout Cookie incentive - playing cards

The 1939 Girl Scout Trupe Card game came with 2 different box covers, one showing Prospero the goat, the other showing the 1937 New York World's Fair image.

A parade of the Cracker Jack's Girl Scouts!

 Ernie Alvater wrote:  ... Attached is a photo of another Girl Scout tangent-collectible, the polystyrene Girl Scout prize from Cracker Jacks (circa 1955-58).  These were made by the Nosco Plastics Co. (the name appears on the base) and measure approximately 1.75" tall.  As you can see, the Girl Scout carries a flag, as if marching in a parade.  This was part of a 16-piece set (#1144) that was distributed during the period;  other figures included a Boy Scout, American Indian chief, clown, baseball and basketball figures, several different cowboys, etc.  The seven colors we've found thus far are dark green, light green, medium blue, light blue, yellow, white, and pink -- but I'm guessing we'll eventually discover more colors.

So simple and compact, the Girl Scout Tic-Tac-Toe game was a Birthday Week Give-Away in 1952.

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