Girl Scout Cameras

The great Girl Scout Kodak camera, with the visually interesting box and the intricate design on the camera itself. All for $6.00.


This camera is only 39 cents? Is that correct? It isn't clear if this camera has the GS logo.



Girl Scout Univex Camera, images by Carol Jahns

Girl Scout Falcon Camera, version 1 - 1940

Girl Scout Falcon Camera, version 2 - 1942

No cameras were offered in the catalogs between 1943-1946

Girl Scout Minicam Camera by Trusite Camera Company  of NY - 1947



Girl Scout Jem Jr. Camera came in 2 designs.

Ernie Altvater writes....

 The Herbert George Company came out with a new GREEN camera in  1950 or 1951, but quickly changed to a BLACK camera, and it is the black version that appears in the 1951 Girl Scout camera.  The attached photo shows the two versions side by side.  The black version has the two holes on the top for a flash unit, but the green version does not;  my suspicion is that the Girl Scouts wanted to sell a flash camera, and Herbert George changed the body color when they redesigned the camera.

1954 - The first camera with the Brownie Girl Scout logo. Herbert George Co.

This is the first Girl Scout camera that came with the flash attachment, instead of being purchased separately. 1955


Both of these cameras carrying the same product number in the catalog, and are made by Herbert George, but the style of flash attachment changes in the early 1960's.

What's wrong with this Brownie Camera? Collector's Beware! Note that the flash attachment isn't correct, and someone has attached a standard Imperial Mark XII Flash plate to the front of the camera - where it should be printed "Official Girl Scout Camera for Brownie Scouts."

The Senior Girl Scout 3-Way Camera only has the Senior Membership pin image on the flash cover to to show that it was a Girl Scout Camera. 1960 

Maybe they didn't get the memo? The 1963 Official Senior Girl Scout Camera, 8 piece flash kit bares the old Senior Girl Scout membership pin image. Seniors began wearing the traditional membership pin in 1963.


The 1966 Cubex IV Official Senior Girl Scout Camera and the 1967 Cubex IV Girl Scout Camera appear identical except for the wording and logos.

1967 Cubex IV Official Girl Scout Camera took 127 film

In 1968, the Brownie camera's case was offered in black instead of the 1966 beige.

Boom! In 1968 Girl Scouting offered it's first Instamatic camera and never looked back. Why use film when you can just pop in a film cartridge, advance a few clicks and you're ready to take photos?

The last of the Official Girl Scout cameras came in 1971-1972. It came in a white version, and apparently a green version as well. Soon cameras became disposable and few people owned "real" cameras. They fell from the GS catalogs until 1999.

Thanks to Linda for the white camera image, and to Angie Olds for the green camera image.

The final Girl Scout camera, the 1999 Girl Scout Memories camera using 110 film. In 2001 GSUSA offered a Girl Scout Camera Funpack - but the camera doesn't appear to have any GS logos on it.

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