Girl Scout Fun Pins 2

Here's a page set aside for those Girl Scout-ish pins that are out there. Some were officially licensed to use the Girl Scout name, others maybe skirted the edge of looking Girl Scout, but not actually saying, while others were just off base.

These pins by Mo'Money Associates of Pensacola, FL were fully licensed by GSUSA.


Little Awards came out with several designs that skirted the edge of being Girl Scouts. Can't find online anymore, maybe it changed names? About 1" diameter, clutch back.

Proud To Be A Girl Scout pin

Look a little familiar? Actually, these pins came out about 4 years before the first official GSUSA leaders pins came out in 2004. These were sold online for awhile, then suddenly disappeared.

These position pins from lasted longer online.

This completes the set of Girl Scout pins.

Some are difficult to read; (L-R) Bridging the Millennia/Girl Scouts, Girl Scout/ Alumna, Girl Scout/ Friendship, International/Girl Scout, Girl Scouting 2000/Millennium - no longer available online

This pin is just way off-base. The wording is wrong. We've never been Girl Scouts of America.

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