Girl Scout ICE CREAM!!!

If the number of official Girl Scout fun "Ice Cream" patches are any indication, Girl Scout cookie flavored ice cream is probably a hit (11 patches so far, and I've only begun to hunt for them.)

The earliest printed recipe I could find for Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream is from 1949, by an unknown Girl Scout Cookie vendor.

As early as 1985 local ice cream shops were offering Girl Scout ice cream for a limited time during cookie sales. Were all of them official sanctioned? Probably not, but at least one company, Gifford's Famous Ice Cream of Maine DID have GSUSA approval to use Thin Mints and Samoas in their ice cream in 1990. As noted in a local newspaper, they ordered 3 tons of cookies!

What we think of now as Girl Scout Ice Cream - nationally sold - began in 1998 with the Edys/Dreyers brand; Thin Mint, Samoas and Tagalogs. The flavors went through some changes during its run, such as being labeled "Grand" or "Slow-Churned" but it was delicious fun until it ended in 2013. (They still carried the flavors for awhile but under generic terms and without the GS mark.)

Now Breyer's has the Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream license, beginning in 2013, with their Breyer's Blasts with either Thin Mint or Samoas.

During the 2000's other companies such as Friendly's, Good Humor and Dairy Queen, had the official GS mark on their frozen treats too.

Remember when a carton of ice cream was really 1/2 gallon???






Whether you had Edy's or Dreyer's depended on where you lived.





2011 - Friendly's offers their Thin Mints Cookie Premium Ice Cream Cake.

2015 Good Humor offered their Thin Mints Frozen Dessert Bar



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