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Girl Scout Junior Badges - Green Border

1999-2000 & 2001-2010

  • 1998 was the end of the Worlds To Explore program

  • 1999-2000 was a 2-year transitional era; badges were dropped, names and designs were changed

  • The change from color-coded borders to green borders happened slowly, as badges were sold out.

  • 2001 new badges were introduced, some with a new blue twill background

  • 2002 - 8 formerly dropped badges reappear with green borders and requirements available online:

    • Do It Yourself

    • Family Living Skills

    • Foods, Fiber and Farming

    • Now & Then, Stories From Around the World

    • Science in Action

    • The World in my Community

    • Women's Studies

    • Ready for Tomorrow

  • 2002 - GSUSA drops the requirement the only troop leaders can purchase badges.

  • 2002 - New Badge "United We Stand"

  • 2004 - New Badge :Cookie Biz"

  • 2004 - "Oil Up" badge has design change

  • 2006 - 4 badges are added to the list of requirements available online:

    • Cookie Biz

    • Cookie Connection

    • Cyber Girl Scout

    • United We Stand


This version of Global Awareness was never offered in the GS catalogs, but has been seen.

This version of Oil Up was only offered 2001-2003.


Starting in 1999 several badges familiar in the Worlds to Explore program began showing up with green borders and backings. This image from the 1999 GS catalog shows that all the Dabbler badges were given the same name during the Transition Period. By 2000, their names had changed to Dabbler Person, Dabbler Grid, Dabbler Rainbow, Dabbler Dove and Dabbler Pedestal. Several other popular badges turned up with green borders even though they would be dropped in 2001. This was to allow girls to complete and receive any earned badges from the old program.

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