Girl Scout Luggage Tags

1960 Girl Scout Birthday Week Give-Away

Girl Scouting...

A Promise In Action

Same slogan but the tag is different

This was part of a series of "kits." Once the paper was drawn on, it was sent "back to the factory" to be turned into a luggage tag.

Nothing appears to say  GS.

$8.75 and you can't even pick the color you like! Once you take off the plastic wrap NOTHING says Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Conventions offer unique luggage tags

Did your Girl Scout ever sell magazines or nuts?

That was likely a QSP program. I think they may have changed the name recently, but it used to be QSP.

Local GS councils are now getting into the fun of these interesting collectibles

As of 2-2019, on clearance

USAGSO offeres a luggage tag

As does Irish Girl Guides!

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