Girl Scout Mess Kits & Table Sets

Through the years the Girl Scout catalog has offered a variety of mess kits. This page focuses only on those mess kits that:

  • had the Girl Scout mark somewhere on it's pieces. 

  • The earliest mess kits did not have any Girl Scout insignia on them and are not included here.

  • During the World War II era the only mess kit offered was a coated steel version and did not have the GS mark. 

Table Sets are a new invention - containing only the gear needed to EAT a meal; plastic plate, cup, bowl, cutlery and a dunk bag.


  • Trefoil is stamped on khaki bag

The case is now green, but doesn't mention the trefoil. Images in the 1939-1940 GS catalogs show a hint of a trefoil on the carrying case, but it is vague.




  • White enamel ware cooking pot

  • Green case has a plaid liner.

  • Price has jumped to $2.85


  • Official GS mess kit returns - World War II is  over

  • Cutlery (fork & spoon) is no longer included

  • Price is lowered to $2.50

During the World War 2-era a coated steel mess kit was offered in some of the Girl Scout catalogs. It was not official and did not carry the GS mark.


  • Plaid case makes it's first appearance

  • Trefoil is on the snap of the case

  • Trefoil is stamped in yellow on the back of the case


  • Green plastic cup appears


  • Plaid goes horizontal

  • Frying pan is noted as 5" - this may be an error, as the overall size of the kit appears to have remained the same

Detail of the plaid fabric of the carrying cases.

  • Plaid design remained the same thru the years

  • Early mess kits had the design on an angle

  • Later kits were produced with the plaid on horizontal plane.

  • The same plaid design was used in the official 1963 Girl Scout sleeping bag

  • The "green" of the plaid faded easily


  • Solid green carrying case is nylon

  • Trefoil stamp on case

  • Trefoil on handle of pan

  • Frying pan is 7"


  • Contemporary logo appears 

  • The essence of brevity in the description


  • White plastic cup shown

  • Cutlery not included


  • Blue nylon carrying case


  • Black plastic cup

  • Logo & writing changes from yellow to white

  • Other official Girl Scout camp gear logos & writing also white on catalog page

  • 2002 Outdoor catalog shows the logo & writing in yellow

  • Last official Girl Scout mess kit






  • First of the "Table Sets"

  • GS catalogs continued to carry an unofficial mess kit for several years




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