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Girl Scout Mystery Stuff

Maybe you know the answer?



#11 Same size as the Junior Aide Bar, dates to around 1980-1987. Were these a pilot program?

#10 This is the Augusta A Ziegener Medal of Merit from the Girl Scouts. Looks similar to the 1920-1925 Medal of Merit. I can identify 2 Girl Scouts who earned it. One claimed 1937, the other's date is unknown. Augusta was a school teacher in Jersey City, NJ. What are the details surrounding this award? I've tried contacting NJ councils, no luck so far.


#13 - appear to be professionally made. Shape doesn't match known cookie cutter or cake pan shapes or ceramic molds. Who made it? When? Where?

#12 - it's 2" in diameter, and seems to be made of aluminum and plastic? Any guesses?


#14                  #15

Any ideas on these 2 "mini-badges"? Appear professionally made, size is compared to a standard badge (left). Thermoplastic backing. Date? Location? Any info?


#16                  #17

These 2 fold-over metal buttons were manufactured by Green Duck, Chicago, IL

Any idea when, where and what part of Girl Scouting they were supporting?

#1 - Why the loop?
#2 - What is this patch?
#3 - What is this pin?
#4 - Trefoil on pin
#5 - This is professional embroidery on black felt. Looks like Girl Scout/Girl Guides, but can't identify it.
#6 - image: Talli
#7 - image: Talli
#8 - image: Talli
#9 - image: Talli

image: Sonia Palmer

Founded in 1934, a sorority called Alpha Pi Delta was (at first) exclusively for those who had earned the Golden Eaglet. Later it was amended to add First Class Girl Scouts who were now in college. The current Alpha Pi Deltas are not associated with Girl Scouting.


"...made for the Spanish Trails Girl Scout Council (which eventually merged into the Girl Scouts - Greater Los Angeles Council) as a souvenir for people who attended the council's annual recognition dinner.  Each year a different pin was made, and I don't remember exactly what year this particular pin is from -- but I was there, since I have one in our collection.  Most probably from the mid-1990's."  

Ernie Altvater


image: Talli

Angie Olds shares the following: The badge is not a guide badge It is the badge worn by the ladies section of the Royal Antediluvian order of Buffaloes. O L G stands for Order of Ladies Glades

Some of the SOLVED Girl Scout/Girl Guide mysteries...


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