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National Center West

The Girl Scout National Center West was located about 15,000 acres of rugged wilderness near the Big Horn National Forest in Wyoming.

The single largest land acquisition in Girl Scouting history happened in 1968 and the facility opened in 1970. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from all over the world could engage in the many outdoor activities; horseback riding, backing packing, fishing, orienteering, fishing, exploring Native American pictographs, study of geology and much more.


Sample programs that were offered; Hike-A-Peak: a 19 day backpacking event for girls 16-18 years old, Tote 'N Trek: 9 day backpacking for novice backpackers ages 14-18, Saddle Straddle: 6 day pack trip for experienced riders, Paint the West: focusing on arts skills and exploring western art. The site also supported Wider Opportunities, family camping and camping for troop traveling to other destinations.


Due to the excessive costs of maintaining the center, it closed in 1989 -  and the land was sold in 1991.

It didn't last even 20 years.

Announced with fanfare and a little bit of celebrity power in mid-November 1968, the National Center West struggled to get teenage girls to attend. 

It took me a couple of moments to realize that this full-page ad in the Jan-Feb 1975 Girl Scout Leader's magazine was for the National Center West.

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