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Girl Scout National Training Schools

It seems that from the beginning there has been an emphasis on the training of the adults in Girl Scouting. No matter what position a person may be wrangled in to - Girl Scouting will have a training available to them.

In the early days Girl Scout leaders could attend National Training Schools that in 1925 involved 11 different training sites. Held during the summer - these trainings covered a wide variety of programs such as; Sea Scouts (11 years before the launch of Mariners), Deep Woods Camping and something called Innisfree Week - I haven't figured out that one yet, but several sites carried it.

Once the adult training program got going, the schools were named sequentially. You'll see what I mean below:


The very first training school for Girl Scout adults (captains, prospective captains, no one under 16 years old) was focused on preparation for war service (World War I was going on in Europe.) The event was held at Miss Winsor's School for Girls, 103 Pilgrim Rd., Boston, MA - which is still active today.

 Classes were held from June 23 through July 14, 1917.

Here it's referred to as Longwood.

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The third encampment of the First National Training School for Girl Scout Officers was held at Long Pond, near Plymouth, MA.

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The 1920 encampments (there were 2)  further clarified that the First National Training School was held at Camp Pine Tree, Long Pond near Plymouth, MA.


The following article notes that the Girl Scout adults are healthy, husky types of young American womanhood.

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By 1923 there are 8 National Training Schools - now called National Training Camps:

First National Training School, Long Pond, Plymouth, MA
Rock Hill Camp, Mahopac, Putnam County, NY
Camp Andree Clark, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Camp Proctor, California, OH
Camp Tall Trees, Media, PA or Camp Redwing, PA?
Camp Juliette Lowe (sic), Cloudland, GA
Camp Minnesota, Superior National Forest, MN
Camp for Chicago & Cook County, IL


A complicated change came in 1924 when each National Training School was named numerically;

First National Training School, Long Pond, MA
Second National Training School, Rock Hill Camp, Mahopac, NY
Third National Training School, Camp Andree Clark, Briarcliff, NY
Fourth National Training School, Camp Proctor, California, OH
Fifth National Training School Camp Tall Trees, Medina, PA
Sixth National Training School, Camp Juliette Low, Cloudland, GA
Seventh National Training School, Camp Minnesota, Superior National Forest, MN
Eight National Training School, Camp Pleasant, Lake Pleasant, WI


Camp Chaparral was the National Training School for adult Girl Scouts on the west coast.

 It was located at Big Basin of Redwood State Park in Santa Cruz County, California.

This brochure from 1939 gives a detailed packing list for those attending trainings that lasted from 2 to 8 weeks.

Adults were to wear "Greenies" - official Girl Scout Adult Camp uniforms while attending training.

The Director of the camp was Vaal Stark, who was a National Staff person.

 Her camp name was Grizzly.

The camp was active in 1925, and as late as this brochure of 1939,

 however, little more is known about this Girl Scout treasure!


Girl Scout Training for Adults continues even today

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