Girl Scout Plaques, Memorials & Markers

Here and there, all over America, are highway markers, wall plaques and more honoring the work, efforts and history of Girl Scouts.



This large bronze marker is embedded in the sidewalk on G Street NW, Washington DC


Kentucky Highway Marker #2134

 Description: Born in 1899 in Indianapolis, Walls earned an M.A.
 from NY's Columbia Univ.
As a teacher, she developed an early black history program in Indiana.
 In 1930s, Walls worked to secure public housing for blacks in Louisville.
 In 1940s, she lead demonstrations at

whites-only main library
 and helped hire black clerks in dept. store.


Reverse: Murray Atkins Walls -
 Civil Rights Pioneer - Murray Walls led the movement that integrated Girl Scout programs and camps by 1956.

She was a Girl Scout trainer,
 the first black women to serve on the Girl Scout Board of Directors, 
and the Ky. State Board of Education. Walls died in 1993. 

 Presented by the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

If you know where the GS office is at 2105 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY - the marker is directly across the street. It faces the GS sign. Google Street View

Submitted by Cynthia Weller
1st VP - GSK
Chair - History and Archives Committee




Tampa, Florida

Jessamine Flowers Link



In 1913, Jessamine Link established Magnolia Troop One,
 the second Girl Scout troop in the United States.
 This was just one year after Juliette Gordon Low organized the
 country's first Girl Scout troop in Savannah, Georgia in 1912.
What is now Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa served as the sponsor for the troop.


Mrs. Link made significant contributions to the improvement
 for life for local girls and the community, and to the enhancement of women overall. When she started Tampa's first Girl Scout troop the community became more aware of what the girls could achieve.  Girl Scouting gave them the opportunity to explore
interests outside traditional female roles. During World War I the girls rolled bandages, delivered Western Union messages, helped feed soldiers, and sold Liberty Bonds. Mrs. Link led the troop through many other service projects and activities such as primitive camping, nature hikes, poetry lessons and field trips.


The Girl Scout program was an unusual and progressive
 concept in the early 20th century,
 but one that is prevalent here today because of our local founder Jessamine Link.


Erected May 1998 by

The Tampa Historical Society

in Cooperation with

The Suncoast Girl Scout Council, Inc.

Location: Platt Street in Tampa by Hyde Park United Methodist Church

Google Street View


Somewhere in Button Bay, VT

This 1930's news clipping of the Little House in Washington DC shows a prominent plaque of Juliette Low in the center background. Where is it today? It has the same "broken arch" border of the Juliette Low plaque on the First Headquarters Building.

Another mystery - this plaque was shown in the February 1980 issue of Girl Scout Leader's magazine, but it didn't say where it is. Is it at MACY?



Indianapolis, Indiana

Dedicated October 16, 2004

submitted by Jane Pfaffenberger

Location: 55 Johnson Avenue, Irvington Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN



Unable to local on Google Street View

Savannah, Georgia

330 Drayton Ave., Savannah, GA



Beavercreek, Ohio


This Girl Scout Memorial

in situ at Beavercreek Community Park, Beavercreek, OH

The Girl Scout flag also flies here.

Photo found on Google, by Michael Abel.

3/13/07 Linda Mathis found this additional information:

 In 1997, Beavercreek Community Park was acquired by the district. This 14 acre park is a very popular starting point for local residents to access CreeksideTrail Bikepath. An important focal point of the park is Angels Pass Memorial. This memorial was constructed with private and public funds and dedicated in 1999. It commemorated the 40th anniversary of the deaths of 8 Girl Scouts and their 2 leaders killed near that site in a car-train collision. It is a beautiful and serene area with benches, trees, flowers, flag poles and a large memorial stone. The scouts and leaders as well as rescue and public safety departments are honored on this stone.


With additional funds from the Beavercreek Township Trustees, a large parking lot was built to accommodate about 50 cars.


In recent years, the site has been improved with a pond that includes a fountain, benches, lights and a walking path, all built with money secured from another Natureworks grant and local money. There are 3 primitive campsites carved out that will have access to water and electricity. A connector through the park to the Dayton Xenia Road bike path is currently under construction.


A comfort station was constructed in 2004 and funded by the Beavercreek Township Trustees. There is a gazebo and a small bridge at the front of the park. The Girl Scouts use the bridge for their bridging ceremonies. As a community service, the Girl Scouts are in charge of planting flowers and weeding the circle around the Memorial. They also plan and deliver the annual Holiday in the Park for the community in December.


Is this the first Girl Scout memorial plaque?

Noted on the cover of 1936 Girl Scout Report
it shows a profile of Juliette Low.
It is located on the outside of the first Girl Scout Headquarters.
Savannah, GA

(Thanks Laura L. Beall of GS Greater Iowa!)

Shawn from Flickr was kind enough to let me borrow this photo of the plaque.
 It is clear enough to read:
 Juliette Low - Founder in the United States of the Girl Scouts 1912.
She Gave The Lead - She Is Not Dead
If We But Keep Alive The Spirit That Was Hers
 - Robert Baden Powell.



Rock Creek Regional Park, MD


Plaque reads: Rockwood Manor Estate Presented by Carolyn G. Caughey 
and John Wilson Caughey to the National Girl Scouts, Inc.


Postcard showing the plaque

Rock Creek Regional Park

(Not visible from street)


Philadelphia, PA


Location: 1401 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA


Toledo, OH


Google Street View

Location: Grounds of Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH

Image: remarkableohio.org


Richmond, VA

near 1500 N. Lombardy  St.



Savannah, GA

Corner of Oglethorpe & Bull St.




Nashville, TN

On the grounds of the Girl Scout Center,

4522 Granny White Pike



119 N McGee St., Borger, TX


Juliette Gordon Low Federal Building

100 W. Oglethrope Ave.

Savannah, GA

Google Street View


Lincoln State Park, Indiana

Is it still there?

8-27-2020 - According to Kathy Seckinger  the monument and tree are still there. The time capsule was opened.


Thanks Kathy!