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Wherever Americans wander, Girl Scouting is not far behind. In the early days they were considered lone troops. As Americans settled and the population grew TOFS - Troops on Foreign Soil was organized. Later it was changed to Lone Troops Overseas. In 1984 the program was updated, unified and the name was changed to USAGSO - United States of America Girl Scouts Overseas.

The USA Girl Scouts Overseas pin was launched in 1984. There are no requirements except to have registered at a Girl Scout Overseas location. The early version of the pin was painted or enameled on metal.  By the time I earned it in 1993 - it was simply a sticker on metal. 

Look-alike Alert:

Aggie Donch: pin for the triennium theme in the mid-70's (after one of the National Conventions). She also noted that there was a similar patch available - she has one on her Senior's patch jacket.


Current Girl Scouts Overseas Pin

2012 - current


These patches available at

USA Girl Scout Overseas - Kuwait

Note from Katie: 
I've attached a scan of our pin from here in Kuwait. The pin was created 
last year (2000) based on the design of our patch, which was done in 1998. 
The patch was originally a colored pencil drawing done by a USAGSO Kuwait 
Cadette in the spring of 1998. It was turned into a patch by Design-It. 
The pin was done by Lapel Inc. 
Katie Cox 
Chairman, Trainer, Cadette-Senior Leader 
USA Girl Scouts Overseas - Kuwait 

The term USAGSFE (USA GS Far East) was in use as early as 1959 and as late as 1969.

First design of the

International Friendship Recognition Pin

- commonly called the TOFS pin -

was an earned by Brownies, Junior, Cadettes or Seniors. 1968-1985

Second design of the 

International Friendship Recognition Pin

continues to be an earned pin

1985 - current

USAGSO - Paris offers several interesting patches.

USAGSO - Germany also offers patches

West Pacific Girl Scouts, 2 versions of Korea, 2000, Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Current Patch & Pin set for USA Girl Scouts Overseas

USA Girl Scouts

Jakarta Patch

Japanese Girl Scouts and USA Girl Scouts Flags Pin

USA Girl Scouts Mainland Japan Pin

West Pacific Girl Scouts - Okinawa

Girl Scouts Sigonella, Sicily

USA Girl Scouts

Philippine District

North Atlantic

Girl Scouts

TOFS Yanbu-Saudi Arabia

GSUSA Jakarta Indonesia

Girl Scout Council of the Pacific, Inc.

GS Council of the Pacific Day Camp


Girl Scouts

GS Idar



USA Girl Scouts Camp Motosu Patch

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