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Girl Scout Troop Crests

Girl Scout Troop Crests have been a part of Girl Scout uniforms from the earliest days. Newspaper archives show that big city troops were simply known by their "crest" name, such as Red Rose Troop or Thistle Troop.At first crest designs were flowers or birds. The designs stayed fairly consistent over the years, but some designs were not as popular and faded away, to be replaced by new designs.

The very first crests are remembered as being purchased in Great Britain by Juliette Low just before World War 1 broke out. Embroidered on (real)black felt with a red border, these are hard to find today. When the Girl Scout uniform became khaki, the troop crests were produced on the same uniform fabric - a trend that continued until 1979.

For 2012 the troop crests were revamped into a shield shape with many new designs.

Shown below are examples of every crest created except for the Shamrock Troop Crest, whose design is unknown. Some, such as the Bluebird crest, is shown on several different fabrics from throughout the years.

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