Girl Scout Uniforms


This is just a brief overview of the Girl Scout uniforms for this time period. It doesn't cover all the details or minor changes.


Sweeping changes came in the Fall of 1928 when the new Girl Scout uniform debuted. Gone was the khaki color and in came the new grey-green colored that came in chambray and lightweight fabrics. 

 The silhouette reflected a more modern look down to the new style hat.

During this period the Mariner Uniform was launched, as was the official uniform for Mounted Troops, the adult Girl Scout uniform was revamped to look completely different from the girls' uniforms, official Girl Scout sweater was available and the first of many official Girl Scout shoes debuted.

Other changes include changes to the Girl Scout Membership pin and fresh new insignia for the uniform.


This is the 1928 uniform. At the neckline is a modesty shield. In 1935 that was replaced with a metal zipper.

Dark Green was the recommended tie color for the 1928 uniform, however, other colors were offered: light blue, black, red, yellow

 orange added in 1931

purple, dark blue and brown were dropped in 1933


lavender added

in 1933

 Image is from the 1934 Catalog

Sunflower Troop Crest

Gail C. Schrader

New hat design

Scribe Insignia 1932-1940

Troop Treasurer Insig



This charming Ramble Badge (square-cut) clearly shows the grey and white threads of the fabric, giving it a speckled appearance

Mounted Troops officially saddled up in 1931

Drummer Badge, one of only two oval badges, sewn onto a sleeve. The other oval badge was Bugler.

The new Girl Scout Handbook, 1928. It was the first time in green and the first time the word "handbook" was used.

Mounted Troops, in 1931, wore the Deep Woods Camping Breeches as the official riding breeches.

In 1934,  tan gabardine breeches were also offered.


Later, riding gear simply became "sportswear." 

Horsewoman Badge

Mounted Troop image form 1931 GS Catalog

American Girl Magazine

October 1937

Mariner's Seaman's Rank

First Design of the Mariner's Pin

Sailor's Badge

Mariner Leader's Uniform

The Mariner's Program was launched in 1934

Bugler Badge, oval

Revamped Girl Scout Handbook, 1933 and supplement, 1934.

Girl Scouting graced many magazine covers during this period.

Girl Scouting begins to market more and more items with the Girl Scout emblem, such as this 1934 Official Girl Scout Blanket.

Leader Uniform

1928 Wool

Leader Uniform

1933 Wool

Leader Uniform

1937, short-sleeved and cotton

1928 Hat Emblem for Leaders

Example of a label from a Girl Scout uniform

1935 - the "Senior" level hadn't been launched yet, but some girls wanted a more mature look to their uniform - so the 'Teen-Age Uniform, a two piece in cotton, was offered for several years.

The first of many official Girl Scout shoe designs

The Girl Scout armband, for girls who couldn't afford the dress uniform, was still available.

A splendid close up of the cloche-style of hat that was official during this era. 

2 color variations of the 3" felt-based

1937 World's Fair Girl Scout patch.

Patches were virtually unknown to the Girl Scout uniform at this time, and those lucky enough to attend the fair and get the patch were probably not hassled for stitching it on the uniform.

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