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Girl Scouts Being Outdoors

Girl Scouting has a long history of enjoying the Great Outdoors with camping, hiking, star gazing, bird watching, the list is practically endless.

This page celebrates those tangible reminders of the cooperation between Girl Scouting and governmental agencies in promoting good stewardship of the outdoors.

Do I note a tie-in with a Girl Scout product at the bottom of this page?

The Environmental Protective Agency developed a program called "Linking Girls to the Land" that asked Federal and State natural resource agencies to work with organizations such as Girl Scouts. This "Get With The Land" patch was the result. Program began in April 2001 and was still active in 2010. One method to earn this patch was to attended a National Public Lands Day event.

"Water Drop" was another Environmental Protective Agency

patch program working in cooperation with the Girl Scouts. This program explored watersheds, pollution, drinking water, wetlands, etc. Project Booklet was available online at the EPA. Patch sold for $1.00 through GSUSA. Active in 2008

This National Park Service (NPS) and Girl Scout patch program ended in 2003. Although details are vague, it appears that 12 hours of service as a volunteer in a national park setting was all the was required to earn this patch.

These 4" x 3" National Park Service Girl Scout Ranger patches are from the Youth Program of the NPS. The one shown left is older than the one shown on the right, which, as of 2022, still current. Requirements haven't changed. To earn a certificate for Girl Scout Ranger is 5 hours of service in a national park setting. The patch requires 10 hours.
Not only is there the certificate and patch program, but there is a "Gold Award" certificate that is available for Senior Girl Scouts who use the NPS program to earn the Gold Award.
The newest NPS/Girl Scout patch program is a celebration of the 19th Amendment passage in 1920. The timing of this program couldn't have been worse - pandemically speaking, but hopefully it will stay around long enough to be explored and earned by many a
Girl Scout!


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These two Girl Scout National Park Visit patches did not have any requirements.

This 3 year program called Girl Scout Love State Parks ran from 2019-2021 and Girl Scouting rose to the challenge of adjusting the program during the pandemic.
Couldn't they have made all three patches the same shape?


2020                                2021



The Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge ran from May through September, with enthusiasm and corporate sponsorships. Although this wasn't directly related to cooperation with any governmental agencies, maybe some of the events likely took part in a park?
Note that the currently available (online only - 4/22) is a Girl Scout Park Ranger Jeep!

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