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Girl Scouts & Bread


Occasionally Girl Scouting was saluted by bread makers.

These easily tossable items are a rare find.



1921 Matthaei's Bread "Invisible Color Picture"

This item was included inside the wrapper of Matthaei's Bread. Using a wet paint brush on the card, the colors would magically appear.

Patented July 12-21


Mentions that there are Girl Scouts in 26 countries, gives the Girl Scout slogan, motto and laws.

Insist upon Matthaei's (say Mat-tay's) Bread Every Day and get a different one of these Invisible Color Pictures FREE. Be sure to get a complete series of these pictures (illegible) with each loaf for a limited time.


Another Bread Card featuring a Girl Scout. The font used for this card and the card above are similar, but this one says Girl Scouts, Inc.

Unknown Bread Company


I think that these are bread cards, but I am not certain.

One says American Boy Scout and the other says American Girl Scout. Both have writing in the corner that says Copyright - but I can't make out the name.

Little Miss Sunbeam debuted in the 1940's to promote Sunbeam Bread. Somewhere along the way she became a Brownie Girl Scout.



Are you old enough to remember when sliced bread was wrapped in cellophane? Do you remember "Bread Ends" that helped to keep the cellophane sealed?

This is an odd piece - Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt was never the Honorary President of Girl Scouts of the USA.  Her term as First Lady ended in 1909 - a few years before Girl Scouting started.

More likely, they meant Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt - who was a big Girl Scout supporter.

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