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Girl Scouts in the Movies!


Who doesn't love the movies? Spotting a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, another youth group or Mock-Scouts,

just adds to the fun!


The Facts of Life - 1960

Bob Hope & Lucille Ball star is this "sophisticated comedy" about suburbanites married to others, but attracted to each other.

A small, small part of the movie is that Larry (Bob Hope) takes his son to the YMCA Indian Guides meeting. He dons the appropriate headgear, as do all the other dads and boys. 

1944 - The Canterville Ghost - A ghost, long remembered as a coward, seeks his release from the manor house with the help of Brownie Guide Lady Jessica.


Brownie Guide Lady Jessica, played by Margaret O'Brien, is terrified to meet the ghost of the manor. Screen Shot


Cuffy, an American Ranger temporarily staying at the manor house (and very distantly related to the ghost) helps Lady Jessica meet the ghost. Publicity Still

Brownie Guide Lady Jessica finds her courage and meets the ghost Sir Simon de Canterville. 


1951 - Night Into Morning - College professor looses his wife & son in a house explosion. Overwhelmed by grief he seeks relief in alcohol. Others try to help him.

Ray Milland, Nancy Davis, Rosemary de Camp


L-R: Ray Milland (behind screen door), John Jeffery as Cub Scout Timmy Ainley and Gordon Gerbert as Cub Scout friend Russ Kirby.

Screen Shots

Later, Cub Scout friend Russ visits the grieving college professor, who, in his despair, frightens young Russ, who flees.


3 years prior to the launch of The Golden Eaglet Movie, someone filmed the first annual rally of the Washington (DC) Girl Scouts - and to finish the reel - filmed Sunflower Lodge, a 100-year-old 4 room cabin located in the woods.


Troop 1 of Washington DC had raised the funds to lease the cabin, used elbow grease to make it usable, installed 26 cots, then rented it out for $2 a weekend or $5 a week to local troops (when they weren't using it themselves) They were so successful renting the cabin it paid for the next year's lease.

Troop 1 is known also as Eleanor Putzki's troop. She was the first Girl Scout in DC to earn the Golden Eaglet.


Juliette Low presents Margaret Ferris, Girl Scout Extraordinaire with the original design of the Golden Eaglet in the movie.


What a splendid little movie, one of the many made by Tex Ritter, the famous singing cowboy. The first 3 1/2 minutes of this movie is dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America. Showing scenes from the first Boy Scout Jamboree from the sky with acres of tents and boys. Also shown is a brief clip of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Boy Scouting.

The plot of the movie is straight forward - bad guys steal gold, and the main bad guy shoots (!) the main Boy Scout in the back! Tex and the rest of the Boy Scouts lay a trap to catch the bad guys and succeed. The main Boy Scout survives and lives to tell the tale.


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - 1939

A classic movie, yet few know that the boys group he supported throughout the movie

and fought so hard to build a park for - the Boy Rangers of America -

was a real and active group in America in the 1930's.


Boy Rangers of America Membership Pin


Here We Go Again
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Fibber McGee & Molly

A sequel to Look Who's Laughing

Mock Girl Scout troop of lovely young women in camp uniforms.

Also contains a dramatic production of the troop's leader dressed in Native American garb and performing while the young women sit in a circle around her.


Screen shots from

Your Date With The Future, a "movie short" featuring the beautiful Celeste Holm and a very young Natalie Wood.


 Promotes the idea of being a Girl Scout leader in your neighborhood.


Movie Shorts with Girl Scouts as the subjects were popular in the 1950's.

The one titled The Growing Years was narrated by Henry Fonda.


Room For One More - 1952


Cary Grant and Betsy Drake star in this charming movie. Scouting is an important part of the plot.


Mr. Scoutmaster - 1953

There has never been anyone else like Clifton Webb, and he is in full force in this charming movie. If you haven't seen it, track down a copy, pop some popcorn, curl up on the sofa and enjoy!


Tunnel of Love - 1958

Doris Day, who is married to Richard Widmark, becomes a Girl Scout Leader to show she's suitable to be an adoptive mother. Shown right - publicity shot of Doris Day eating Girl Scout Cookies.


Attack of the Puppet People  - 1958

Behind the scenes info on the Brownies that are seen in the movie.


It Happened to Jane - 1959

Jack Lemmon proudly wears his Boy Scout uniform, knobby knees and all.

 Sprinkled in the movie crowd scenes, especially the long shot of "The End" sequence you can spot Girl Scouts in green, Brownies in brown, Intermediates in green skirts and white blouses, Cub Scouts in their blues and even some Girl Scout leaders in uniform.


Follow Me Boys!  -  1966

A 100% feel-good movie. Kurt Russell first movie role, at 15. 


The Getaway - 1972, Steven McQueen, Ali MacGraw and a troop of Girl Scouts! Show here with MacGraw and Girl Scout cookies in front of their filming location - Sunset Station, San Antonio, TX.


Gus  - 1976

The next time you come across this movie, Gus, watch for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts working as color guard and also watching the game from the stands?


800 Heroes  - 1977

A Taiwanese historical war drama about a group of Chinese who defended the Sihang Warehouse in 1937 Shanghai, China when the Japanese invaded.

In this small group are at least 2 Girl Guides.


Peggy Sue Got Married  - 1986

Can you name the actress playing Nancy, Peggy Sue's sister in the Girl Scout uniform? It's Sophia Coppola!


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  - 1989

Is it just me, or could they have made a whole series of movies based on the adventures of Indiana Jones as a Boy Scout?

The late River Phoenix was great.


Classic Movie Lines:

Girl Scout: Is this made from real lemons?
Wednesday: Yes.
Girl Scout: I only like all-natural foods and beverages, organically grown, with no preservatives.

Are you sure they’re real lemons?
Pugsley: Yes.
Girl Scout: Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies. Do we have a deal?
Wednesday: Are they made from real Girl Scouts?


Loaded Weapon 1  - 1993

Samuel L Jackson and Emilio Estevez star in this irreverent comedy lampooning cop-buddy movies such as Lethal Weapon. Tim Curry dresses to kill in a Wilderness Girls uniform. Note the entrance way to the Wilderness Girls Headquarters, shaped like a cookie with a bite taken out of. Also note the "teddy bear" topiary planted to the left of the entrance.


Troop Beverly Hill$  - 1993


Who doesn't love this light-hearted comedy? How many young actresses, who have gone on to bigger things, can you spot in this movie? Who knew this movie would still be culturally relevant 25 years later?


Now and Then  - 1995

Look quick, or you'll miss them. Two Girl Scouts are walking in the background during the opening credits.


Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

Troop 417 of mock-Girl Scouts are just one of the groups to compete in this tender Dodgeball Story.


Girl Scouts - 2008

South Korean action comedy about women banding together to create Bong Chon Girl Scouts Troop #3, when they are swindled.


Whip It  - 2009

Ellen Page stars as part of a Roller Derby Team who dress in Girl-Scout-ish uniforms.

"Be Your Own Hero"


Den Brother  - 2010

Aren't these Bumblebee Girls adorable? It's a Disney movie, so you can guess the plot.


Smart Cookies  - 2012

Is a Girl Scout Leader not playing fair?


Moonrise Kingdom  - 2012

Directed by Wes Craven, starring Bruce Willis, Francis McDormand, Bill Murray and Ed Norton - what more can be said about this quirky movie?


The Boss - 2015

Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Bell and Darnell's Darlings on the loose!



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