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This page is devoted to discovering those  moments when Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls and other youth programs, or something I refer to as Mock-Scouts (made-up youth programs) are seen on TV shows.
        These are rare finds and
              celebrated here.


The talented Mitch Miller sings along with an intermediate Girl Scout and a Boy Scout on the cover of the June 30-July 6 issue of TV Guide


The public greatly misunderstood the much maligned "Couch Potato" Interest Project Award for Cadettes and Seniors, retired in 2011.

Girl Scouts on TV

If you find another tv treasure

-send it in!



Fresh Off The Boat S3 E13

Trent (played by Trevor Larcom) is a friend of Eddie Haung (played by Hudson Yang) While out they come across a group of Robin Scouts selling cookies. Trent is rude to the scouts, claiming that no one likes them, they only like their cookies. The Robin Scouts remain calm and cool under this verbal assault.

Later, when Eddie goes to visit Trent at his home, he finds out Trent's secret. He's a Sparrow Scout - assumably the male version of the Robin Scouts. He's ashamed to admit that he is a member. By the looks of his uniform, he is an active member. 


Trent gets his comeuppance when the Robin Scouts sponsor a teen dance. Trent's plan to help Eddie look romantic for his date goes awry when the Robin Scouts refuse Trent, Eddie and Eddie's date into the dance. The Robin Scouts tell him to "walk away, scout hater."

Everything works out in the end, for Eddie and his date. However, Trent never has to atone for his rudeness or address his embarrassment at being a Sparrow Scout. 


X-Files S1 E24

No Girl Scouts are seen in this episode, but they are a solid part of the background story. Back in 1967 a Girl Scout "with an Instamatic" took a photo of an object in the sky. 4 of the 9 girls reported seeing something, 5 "if you included the den mother."

Fast-forward to current time, and the daughter of one of those Girl Scouts is now missing. 

Fox and Mulder go to Iowa and tackle the case.


I'm not familiar with this show and I only watched it long enough to "Spot-the-Scouts."

It seems that the main group of the show (all in orange jumpsuits and behind glass) come across a group of scouts. The tall guy - with a big mouth - tells the group of his personal adventures in scouting, while yelling at the scouts through the glass - they mostly ignore him.

Then the tall guy spots GIRLS in scout uniforms and becomes unhinged. He screams "That is an unnatural abomination" and "That is not how Baden Powell intended it."

He seems unaware that some scouting groups are co-ed. 

I don't know if the scout troop plays any further role in the episode. I couldn't stand watching the tall guy screaming. 

The Misfits S5 E1


A planned get-away trip to the mountains goes afoul when a terrible storm strands the gang in their cabin.


After burning all the furniture to keep warm and felling a tree through the roof of the cabin, things are getting desperate for the hapless vacationers.


Finally, they are rescued by ... 

Silver Spoons S5 E24


Alice Gooding, played by Sophie Thompson, guides her group of Little Acorns through the forest collecting the oak boughs.

The uniforms are a bit spartan. Other than Alice's beret has two small acorns attached, there don't seem to be any emblems, insignias or markings. Alice wears brown beret, skirt and neckerchief and a khaki blouse. Girls wear brown berets, skirts, neckerchiefs and knee socks with a white blouse. 

Midsomer Murders S9 E2
"Dead Letters"

Here are the Midsomer Barton Little Acorns - a scout-like group inhabiting the village of Midsomer Barton. While Barnaby and Jones work to solve a growing lists of murders, the Little Acorns happily continue their work collecting boughs of oaks for the Oak Apple Festival. No parent seems concerned that there have been 3 murders in the village in the last couple of days - the festival must go on!


The Golden Girls S3 E1

"Old Friends"

Blanche accidentally donates Rose's stuffed bear to the Sunshine Cadets. Blanche tries to get the bear back, but Daisy - the Sunshine Cadet - isn't so easily swayed to return it. 

Sunshine Cadet uniform; soft yellow blouse and skirt (?), maybe it's a dress? Khaki sash with emblems. 

The Wonder Years S1 E6


Dean Williams, played by Elisha Williams and his dad, Bill Williams, played by Dule' Hill, join a Dixie Scout troop and go camping. Dean comes to see his father in a different light. At one point the troop (minus Dean and Bill) meet with a group of Pixie Scouts (girls), but it doesn't play a big part in the story line.

Dean is part of Troop 7 (left sleeve) or Troop 24 (right sleeve). Uniform is a khaki button down shirt with insignia, and orange scarf and metal slide. Close-up of patch on front of shirt seems to clarify he's in Troop 24, and the organization started in 1965. Adults don't wear a uniform.

All screen shots


Dean, not enjoying his reconstituted freeze dried beef stroganoff.

Mixed-ish  S1 E9

Rainbow, played by Arica Himmel, and Santamonica Johnson, played by Mykal-Michelle Harris, are new members of the Rover Girls Squad #226. This is due to dad Paul's effort to thwart their desire to enter a local pageant.


Both Rainbow and Santamonica sashes are blank at the beginning. However, in the magic of tv, Rainbow earns a lot of badges in the span of one meeting. Dad Paul hands out badges to Rainbow like they're candy. What will Rainbow do at her second meeting? Unhappy Santamonica doesn't earn any badges, but does try for the theater badge.

Rover Girl's uniform is a yellow beret, brown vest with long sleeved mock turtleneck blouse, blue sash and khaki skirt.


Screen Shots


Carol Burnett & Friends

Unknown episode of Carol Burnett. This is likely at the beginning or at the end of the show. Two real Girl Scouts came onstage from the audience, and gave Carol 4 (surprisingly large) boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. I know someone out there can date this from the boxes themselves. These 2 bonnie young lasses have matching Shirley Temple curls under their berets. Their uniforms are perfect, but they are new to Juniors, as they have no badges. Also, they may be missing their WAGGGS pins, but maybe I'm too fussy.

The George Goebel Show 1954 - 1960



A comedy variety show popular on CBS. It's not known if Imogene Coco's Girl Scout character was re-occurring, but I suspect it was. Both the publicity still and the TV Guide cover are from 1959.

Family Ties


Screen Shots of an unknown episode, but Jennifer Keaton is about the middle range of her character's years on the show. 

Mock scouts have a yellow beret, navy sweater or jacket, with emblems, yellow shirt, blue tie. Emblems on the left side are button-like. Emblems on the right identify the "troop" number as 247, but I can't make out the group's name.


Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In


Albeit blurry, these are screen shots of Dan Rowan talking with a Girl Scout, played by Barbara Feldon. This is from Episode 1, maybe Episode 2 of the first season.

The green beret has a firm design, rather than the floppy style used by Girl Scouts, but it has a GS emblem stitched on. Otherwise the uniform is decidedly Hollywood.

American Housewife
S 4 - E 12   1.24.2020

Anna-Kat is eager to be a member of the Wilderness Girls. Time for the annual cookie sale, Anna-Kat goes viral with her "Anna-Kat Cookie Challenge" and wins for selling the most cookies. 

Screen Shots


Perry Mason - the TV show.

Unknown episode

A mother and her Boy Scout son are on the run. Uniform appears accurate, but I'll leave that to the experts.

Screen Shots


Over the years, several characters have taken up the storyline of volunteering with the Boy Scouts. Shown here are two screen shots of Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane in uniform. I'm not familiar enough with Scouting in the UK to know if this uniform is accurate, but I suspect any references to Scouting on this show are accurate.

Publicity Still


Happy Days

Screen shot of unknown episode. However, I'm pretty sure it's an early episode. One of the other screen shots I got was has the backside of someone I think is Chuck, the older brother, who was only in 11 episodes during Season 1 and 2. While researching this I learned that Chuck was played by two different actors, and his disappearance from the show gave rise to the term "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" - when a character disappears from a tv show without explanation.

Shown here, Joanie, played by Erin Moran, is in a uniform of what looks like a "mock-scout" program. Dark green cap, long sleeved shirt with patches on the left arm, that I think look very Boy Scoutish. Red neckerchief and either dark green shorts or skirt.

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