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Important Girl Scout Trees


17 Red Oaks were planted here on
March 19, 1932 by the Philadelphia Girl Scouts 
to mark the Bicentennial of the Birth of
George Washington
American Tree Association, Inc

Does anyone know WHERE in Philadelphia?
Are they still standing?


1925 Library of Congress image showing the actual planting of the red maple in front of the new headquarters.

Why is it that the adults are doing the work?


The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL operates a "MOSI Outside" program that includes a grove of historic trees. They have planted a Southern Magnolia in honor of Juliette Low. AS of 2/2019 the MOSI Outside is permanently closed.


See blog:

Tree Finder Badge


Moon Tree - The Girl Scouts in southern Indiana are lucky! They have 2 Moon Trees!!!!


Moon Tree #1 is growing at their Camp Koch, Cannelton, IN. The following information was copied from the website:

Apollo 14 launched in the late afternoon of January 31, 1971 on what was to be our third trip to the lunar surface. Five days later Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon while Stuart Roosa, a former U.S. Forest Service smoke jumper, orbited above in the command module. Packed in small containers in Roosa's personal kit were hundreds of tree seeds, part of a joint NASA/USFS project. Upon return to Earth, the seeds were germinated by the Forest Service. Known as the "Moon Trees", the resulting seedlings were planted throughout the United States (often as part of the nation's bicentennial in 1976) and the world. They stand as a tribute to astronaut Roosa and the Apollo program.


Moon Tree #2 - Amazingly the Girl Scouts of southern Indiana have a 2nd Moon Tree in Lincoln State Park, 40 miles northwest of Camp Koch.

It has (had?) a large stone monument and a time capsule to be opened in 2001.


"This 'moon seedling' tree from seed taken to the moon on Apollo XIV flight, 1971. is dedicated to Indiana and America's third century by the Raintree Council Girl Scouts at "Wake Up America,' May 1, 1976."


1963 Cadette Tree Finder Badge

Not to be outdone, the Girl Scouts of Hattiesburg, MS area got their own Moon Tree, planted at

Camp Ita Kana!


Second-Generation Girl Scout Moon Tree made the news in 1998.

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