Studio 2B: Focus

Charms & Patches

  • Studio 2B: Focus was launched in 2003, with 8 charms and several booklets, aimed at adding something new to the Older Girl program (age 11-17).

  • Girl Scouting was experimenting with dropping Cadette & Senior titles for "Older Girls"

  • 2004 brought several new charms.

  • By 2006 the name "Studio 2B" was starting to be phased out and by 2007 the program was left pretty much with the term "Focus".

  •  In 2009 most of the charms were dropped and Focus Patches replaced them.

  • Focus Patches were multicolored and the same size as Interest Project Awards.

  •  In 2011 the whole charm & IPP program was phased out.

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