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Girl Scout Interest Project Patches, Interest Project Awards, Focus Patches, Charms and a Pin - 1997

Cadette and Senior

  • Launched in 1997 with 80 Interest Project Patches.

  • Some designs/names from the Worlds To Explore program remained and were produced with the new, uniformed blue border as needed.

  • Some new designs were on different colored twill background fabric, blue and teal, as well as white.

  • In 1999 the name was changed from Interest Project Patches to Interest Project Awards.

  • 2002 brought a new award, American Patriotism.

  • In 2002 GSUSA dropped the requirement that only troop  leaders could purchase try-its/badges/awards.

  • In 2004 GSUSA experimented with dropping the Cadette and Senior titles to older girls, simply referring to them as Girls 11-17.

  • 2006 brought 10 new multicolored Interest Project Awards, with 2 matching charms and 1 pin. The requirements for these awards were only available online.

  • 2008 brought back the Cadette (grades 6-8) and Senior (grades 9-10) levels, and added the new Ambassador (grade 11-12) level, who could also earn.

  • 2009, as Studio 2B charms were being phased out, 12 new  multicolored "Focus Patches"  were launched, to replace the charms.

  • This era was phased out in 2011. It ended with 103 patches.


Left - Old Worlds to Explore Blue Border - Leadership

Right - New blue border for 1997 - Leadership


Interest Project Awards added in 2006:

Requirements only available online 

Charms and Pin 2006-2008


Focus Patches added 2009

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