Please Don't Eat the Girl Scout Daisy!

Welcome to the page devoted to the darling Girl Scout Daisy* and her uniform.

Officially launched in the fall of 1984, the Girl Scout Daisy program was the result of years of study and beta programs for girls as young as 5 years old. 

Could girls benefit from the Girl Scout program targeted to their age level?

Of course they could!

Originally, the program was just for 5 year olds, or in Kindergarten.

Later it was expanded to 6 year olds, to help girls stay together.

* The official name was changed from Daisy Girl Scout to Girl Scout Daisy in 2008.

Curious about the title of this page?

 It's my homage to one of my favorite movies; 

the 1960 Doris Day, David Niven


"Please Don't Eat the Daisies"

which was based on a book by Jean Kerr and later turned into a tv show of the same name.

There aren't any Girl Scouts in the movie.

This page is just a brief overview of the Daisy uniform and it's evolution. It does not cover all the items that may have been official, such as; leggings, tights, socks, etc.

The Daisy program was rather spartan in the beginning; the tunic, pin and disc, a leaders' guide, Beginning and Ending Certificates and a tote was about all the that was offered.


Yellow felt tab introduced

New design in the Daisy membership pin and the bridging patch is introduced.


Although Daisy Girl Scouts had been offered caps previously, 1995 was the first time "official" was added to the new design.


1999 has been remembered as the Oopsie-Daisy year for Daisy Girl Scout uniforms.

I don't know the official reasoning or explanation, but for some reason, in 1999 Daisy Girl Scouts could wear the

"Issues For Girl Scouts"

patches on the FRONT of their uniforms.

Also - the Daisy Shorts debut.


Launched in 2000, the Daisy Girl Scout Promise Center & Learning Petals were popular. Other changes in 2000; Daisy Girl Scouts could now where the WAGGGS pin, a long-sleeve uniform shirt and shorts were introduced.

2002 brings the first style of the  American Flag patch, a rectangle.


In 2003, it was noted as being

"Iron-On" American Flag patch.

2005 - Troop Numerals introduced,

design change of long-sleeve shirt.

2008 brings big changes to the newly re-named Girl Scout Daisy:

  • Cookie Sale Activity Pin can now be worn.

  • The American Flag design has changed to "wavy"

  • The yellow felt tab is replaced by a grosgrain ribbon

  • The new Daisy Journey Award Patch is offered

  • The vest is introduced

2005 brought the 2nd "official" Daisy Girl Scout cap.

2009 brings:

  • A new Daisy shirt design

  • Council ID strips

  • 2nd Journey patch set

2012 - Daisy Petals,

 the 3rd Journey Patch,

Award Pins

and the Daisy Skirt

2013 - the GS shorthand polo is introduced

2014 - a design change to the Girl Scout Council Identification Sets

2015 - new Scarf and Slide

2017 - Daisy Badges Appear

2018 - Daisy Journey Awards Appear

The badges and journey awards will be covered in detail - later.


World Thinking Day patches and Global Action patches are now official and can be worn on the front of the tunic or vest 

2019 - New slide designed offered in addition to the first design


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