Senior Girl Scout Roundup 1959

So - just what did it take to be one of the few selected to attend a Roundup?

Each council was only allotted a small number of girls (delegates and alternates)

to send.

For the 1959 Roundup these qualifications were noted:

  • Submit an application before the deadline

  • 14 years old and not yet out of 9th grade

  • Registered Girl Scout (usually for at least 2 years)

  • An active member in your troop, with a sound knowledge of the patrol system and the court of honor system

  • Good health

  • Documented experience in outdoor/primitive camping

  • Able to attend future training meetings and camping programs, including regional roundups designed for Roundup delegates/alternates

  • Some councils required a written recommendation from a Senior Girl Scout

  • Some councils required a written recommendation from a teacher or religious leader

July 3, 1959 - July 12, 1959

Colorado Springs, CO

Theme: A Mile High, a World Wide

The cord tied to Carol's shoulder shows she is the patrol leader

So where in Colorado Springs, CO was the Roundup? It was held on private property owned by Dr. Kenneth Cogswell and R.E. Johnson, across the highway (now Interstate 25) from the U.S. Air Force Academy!


Official Roundup Hat

Metal Ashtray

Plastic Bookmark

Roundup bracelet, a popular souvenir

The June 1959

Girl Scout Leader magazine promotes

the upcoming Roundup

Opening scene to a movie short by British Pathe` showing the 1959 campgrounds from above.

Forgotten Highlight of the 1959 Roundup

The Opening night campfire was built in the shape of a 5-point star. Each point had a meaning, which was shared in several newspapers.

  1. Thanks to the owners of the property

  2. Thanks to the teachers,Girl Scout leaders & parents 

  3. Thanks to the Armed Forces

  4. Thanks to those there at the Roundup

  5. A wish for Peace

Sponsor "Seven-Up" produced this movie short in color showing scenes from the Roundup. It is likely that this type of sponsored film was shown later to any interested party - Girl Scout troops, etc.

High winds were a real problem during the Roundup

Is that a real Girl Scout camera?

Product placement was subtle

Troubles in Paradise

2 Roundup Charms and a Mother-of-Pearl Pin

Another Forgotten Highlight of the 1959 Roundup

A re-enactment for the cameras.

The changing of the 48-star flag to the 49-star flag, in honor of Alaska's admission as the 49th state.

The original ceremony was done at night. 

There was always something to do or somewhere to go during Roundup. (R) some campers visit a paper-making display, below - practicing for a demonstration

Tours :

Tours of the area were another fun part of the Roundup. Many beautiful sites were visited, however one stood out as most memorable...

Of all the photographs shown in local newspapers, this one shown left was reprinted the most.




Emblem Tile

Image from the back page of the Girl Scout Calendar of 1959

What was the purpose of the Roundup?

(according to the author of this article)

Would you  be surprised to learn that

Campbell's Soup 

was a sponsor?

The newspaper

article shows

campers who have

learn to cook meals

with "canned

condensed cream

of chicken soup and 

instant rice." Just one 

of the many 

recipes given in the

"Menus & Recipes" 

booklet. Here's 


Several telescopes were set up at camp to allow the campers to star-gaze.

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